Eye strain. Eye fatigue. Dry eyes. Headaches. Blurred vision. Insomnia. Sound familiar? Perhaps after a long day of staring at the computer? You, my friend, are not alone.

After staring at our computers for hours on end, our eyes give up. These symptoms are the result of our eyes telling us they’ve had enough bad blue light exposure, and that its time to call it quits.

Unfortunately, our world is flooded with screens that emit harmful blue light. While it’s nearly impossible to avoid the use of screen-based technology, it’s not impossible to avoid harmful blue light. This is where the use of eye strain computer glasses come into play as an absolute must have!

Why HEV Blue Blocker Computer Glasses are a Necessity

Work, school, social media, TV, movies…the list goes on. We’re over-exposed to sources that emit harmful blue light, and they’re taking a toll on our overall eye health. Because our screens are unavoidable, computer glasses have become a necessity.

HEV blue light blocker glasses are your defense against computer eye strain,and eye fatigue. In order to prolong optical health, we engineered SportRx BLUEdefense - a protective anti-reflective coating to block harmful blue light.

About SportRx BLUEdefense | The Benefits of Eye Strain Computer Glasses:

Eye strain computer glasses filter out the harmful HEV blue light that ranges from the 380-470nm in the visible light spectrum. As a result, computer glasses with the SportRx BLUEdefense lens coating:

- Provide protection from harmful effects of bad blue light

- Reduce glare and reflections from computer screens

- Allow the good blue light to pass through, increasing sharpness and clarity

- Reduce digital eye strain and associated symptoms like blurred vision, eye fatigue, headaches, dry eyes, sleep disruption, and more

- Increase ability to work on a computer while minimizing eyestrain

SportRx BLUEdefense is scratch-resistant and easy to clean. This anti-reflective blue light protection is available with prescription or non-prescription lenses, and can be added on to virtually any pair of glasses or sunglasses online at SportRx.

Why Get Custom Computer Glasses Online at SportRx

The benefits of computer glasses far outweigh the negative implications of blue light. Perhaps the best question to ask yourself is, “Why wouldn’t I get HEV blue light blocking computer glasses for eye strain problems?!” Once you have a pair of your favorite computer glasses, you’ll never go a day without ‘em. If you have further questions on how to get a pair of non-prescription computer glasses or prescription blue light filter glasses, a SportRx optician will be sure to help you out!

Order HEV Blue Light Blocker Computer Glasses by reaching the SportRx opticians via phone, email, LiveChat.

We can wait for you the experience the obsession with blue light protection! Our team of expert opticians is here to help, 7 days a week.