Undoubtedly, golf and tennis are both great sports. They are often grouped together because of their “country club” appeal, but thankfully you don't have to be in a country club to play them. With the increasing popularity of both sports, plenty of people wonder which sport they should take up. We are here to break down the major differences between golf and tennis to help you pick which sport you want to play or give you all the reasons to try both!


In general, moving around out there in the sunlight is good for the body and the soul, no matter which sport you are doing. Tennis is overall better aerobic exercise. A few minutes in constant motion on the tennis court already has your heart rate up. Even an easy back and forth rally with friends is a good exercise that will get you sweating. Golf, on the other hand, is more gentle on the joints, but the habitual motion can lead to damage in the long run. The way some people play golf requires hardly any movement as they go from the golf cart to the green, back and forth. If you want to maximize how much exercise you can get, try walking the course instead of taking the cart.


There’s no doubt that golf costs more to play on a day-to-day basis than tennis. There are plenty of tennis courts open to the public. All you need is athletic wear and tennis gear and you are good to go. Golfing requires a bit more spending. Even public courses require a membership fee. Plus, golf clubs are not cheap either. However, the expense should not stop you if you love the sport. Check out our guide on how to play golf on a budget for some tips on how to enjoy the sport without breaking the bank.


All sports require practice to get good at. Golf and tennis are no different. The difference consists in what you have to practice to perfect your skill. Golf requires perfecting one motion while tennis requires perfecting swings from all angles. Tennis also needs a little more knowledge when it comes to proper footwork and reflexes to get to the ball in time. And that is just the physical parts. With golf, you need to have knowledge of a thousand different variables that will affect how the ball will travel across the course.


Luckily, both sports are lifetime sports. You can start playing young and continue out into your elder years due to both sports being relatively easy on the joints. Both sports are perfect for the whole family. What is better than taking the kids to the golf course or tennis court for the first time and teaching them how to make a swing. These sports are also perfect to play while on vacation with the family. A lot of hotels and tourist spots feature places to play golf and tennis so you can relax while playing a fun game with the family.

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