SportRx BLUEdefense Gaming Glasses

- Promotes overall eye health, extending the longevity of an athlete’s gaming career
- Filters harmful HEV blue light emitted from digital screens
- Reduces glare and reflections from screens, florescent lights, and other light sources
- Repels dirt, oil, moisture, and smudges, and is scratch resistant
- Is offered in a variety of lens combinations that are tailored uniquely to specific games
- Is available in prescription and can be placed into virtually any eyeglass frame

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Why Do Pro Gamers Wear Gaming Glasses?

Pros wear gaming glasses for eye strain and protection.

Gaming glasses are designed for:

1) Protecting eyes when staring at screens

2) Enhancing performance

We spend our waking hours staring at digital screens. Computer screens. TV screens. And when you finally look away – the smartphone screen.

Digital screens emit harmful HEV (high energy visible) blue light. Gamers in particular, spend extended periods of time exposed to this HEV blue light.

Gaming glasses block harmful blue light, protecting gamers’ eyes from the HEV rays. The blue light filter in gaming glasses provides a protective shield between a gamer’s eyes and the screen, therefore preserving optical health, minimizing fatigue and eye strain, and allowing gamers to focus on the game with more relaxed eyes.

How Do Gaming Glasses Work?

Gaming glasses filter the HEV blue light emitted from digital screens. Technical Speak: Harmful blue light falls within 380 nanometers to 470 nanometers on the visible light spectrum.

SportRx BLUEdefense gaming glasses block blue light within this range, protecting your eyes from its damaging effects as you’re gaming.

Are Video Gaming Glasses Worth It?

Are gaming glasses worth it? Pfffft…is that even a question? Your vision is priceless. Gaming glasses are beyond worth it.

Wearing Gaming Glasses:

1) Saves Your Eyes – preserving your vision and your video gaming career

2) Heightens Focus – by allowing you to focus on the video game with relaxed eyes

3) Heightens Vision – There’s a whole line of lens configurations in the eSportRx BLUEdefense gaming glasses that are designed with unique lens configurations for specific gaming environments.

Bottom line – gaming athletes and regular Joes alike should be wearing gaming glasses for eye strain, eye protection, and of course, to level up their game.

What Your Eyes Are Trying to Tell You

Gaming Glasses for Eye Strain & Protection

Pro gamers and gamer enthusiasts alike spend extended periods of time exposed to these harmful HEV blue light rays, causing eye strain, fatigue, headaches, etc.

Eye strain and fatigue due to overexposure to harmful blue light are merely symptoms to greater eye health dangers. Lack of protection from HEV blue light can lead to irreversible damage to your eyes, namely, macular degeneration – the deterioration of the central portion of your retina. Macular degeneration is the leading cause of vision loss.

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