EvoShield Catchers Thumb Guard in black

At any Major League Baseball game, you’ll notice the batter’s jersey and helmet but not their protective wear. Their most important gear is hard to see as it will be wrapped around their ankle, thumb, or wrist. This protective gear is known as EvoShield. EvoShield is injury prevention gear such as wrist guards, elbow guards, as well as rib and heart protectors that mold to individual players.

EvoShield is the protective gear supplier of the Major League Baseball, worn by many notable players like Derek Jeter and Madison Bumgardner. Every Spring Training, EvoShield is there, molding gear to every player on every team.

Derek Jeter EvoShield

Derek Jeter wearing EvoShield Batter's Leg Guard

EvoShield is protective wear founded in 2006 by athletes who were disappointed by the “one size fits all” protection. Director of innovation, Justin Niefer, stated: “Our mission is to keep athletes in the game.” They wanted something tailored more to each individual athlete. They saw a hole in the market as most things focus on improving performance but few things helped with injury protection.

EvoShield works because of foam and plastic that absorbs impact into an acute spot. A thin lightweight layered polymer gel insert disperses the energy of the impact. With “gel-to-shell” technology, the gel transitions over the course of twenty minutes, from the time the gel pack is removed, from soft material into a custom mold. The hardened shell creates surface area protection.

While the primary market is baseball players, EvoShield has supplied some football players, such as Drew Brees, with pads. Perhaps the most interesting thing about them is the same products that the major league players wear is what the amateurs and youth players use as well. Available at reasonable prices, EvoShield is a great choice for any baseball player. Not only do they offer protective gear but they sell compression gear, apparel, helmets, and accessories.