Sunglass Rob and crew head up to Mt. Hood in Oregon to test out the Smith ChromaPop™ Storm Yellow Lens. And what a perfect, stormy day for testing, as this lens is specifically tuned for low light conditions. The ChromaPop™ lens technology is all about enhancing natural colors and clarity, while providing more definition and POP! With ChromaPop™ Storm, contrast is further enhanced, because it’s always nice to see snow texture when the conditions seem like a snow globe. Warming up at 6,000 feet in the historic Timberline Lodge, Rob talks ChromaPop™ Storm with Smith Snow Category Manager, Graham Sours. Take a look!

Smith ChromaPop™

As Smith puts it, when you can see more, you can do more. That's what led to their ChromaPop™ technology. Simply put, the eye sees blue, green and red, but has trouble distinguishing color where the blue and green, and green and red wavelengths cross over. ChromaPop™ actually filters these crossovers so color confusion to the brain is eliminated and natural color and clarity are amplified.

Smith ChromaPop lenses

Normally With ChromaPop™


Smith ChromaPop™ Storm Yellow Lens

So now you understand ChromaPop™, but what's with the ChromaPop™ Storm Yellow Lens? First of all, tints matter, so it's important to dial in your lens for the right environment. The ChromaPop™ Storm Yellow Lens was specifically created with those low/flat light, white-out, super stormy, hard-to-see days in mind. This lens packs an incredible 65% VLT (Visible Light Transmission), which is the amount of light coming through the lens. So if you want the most intense brightening and contrast, the ChromaPop™ Storm Yellow Lens is tuned to deliver exactly that. It won't let you sit one out when the storm rolls in. And word has it there's no pain or squint if the sun pops out.

ChromaPop™ Storm Yellow Flash

Prescription Snow Goggle Inserts

Let's face it, trusting what you see lets you push the limits of speed and distance. So to make things even clearer, never fear, prescription inserts are here! And SportRx can help you with both your ChromaPop™ Storm Yellow Lens and your prescription insert! Just contact us and we will link you up with one of our expert opticians to get the party started!

Smith ChromaPop Storm Yellow