If you wear glasses and have bought non-prescription sunglasses, you may be considering changing them to prescription sunglasses. Either your prescription is too strong to go without an Rx, using contacts is drying your eyes out, or you just prefer the comfort of clear vision. In most cases, yes, it's possible! It's fairly easy to swap out non-prescription lenses with a prescription version, but there are exceptions. Read on to learn more.

Sunglasses that Can't be Made into Prescription

Shield Lenses

100% S3 cycling sunglasses

100% S3 in Soft Tact White with Soft Gold Lens


Single shield lenses, such as on the 100% S3 above, cannot be made in prescription. There is too much curvature aside from there only being one lens. Oakley does have a few shields with embedded Rx technology, but they're about the only brand that makes embedded lenses.

Very Large Lenses

Image result for giant sunglasses


Very big sunglasses, such as the ones seen above, cannot be made into prescription. Oversized sunglasses are a popular fashion trend right now, so don't get the two confused—when we say big, we mean BIG.

Rimless Sunglasses

Maui Jim Breakwall sunglasses

Maui Jim Breakwall in Smoke Grey with Maui HT Lenses


All in all, the less of a frame there is around your lens, the less likely it is to be Rx-able. But some rimless frames can be made in prescription. In this case, we suggest contacting an optician with the make of your glasses.

Low-Quality Frames

Image result for broken sunglasses


Lower-quality frames, such as kiosk sunglasses, usually cannot be made into prescription. Because of their poor build, these frames can break if we try to force prescription lenses in.

Getting Prescription Sunglasses from SportRx

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Overall, whether you can get prescription lenses in your sunglasses depends on the type of sunglasses you have. To place an order for lenses only, you'll have to contact one of our friendly in-house opticians. We'll help you figure it out.

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