One of the most common questions our opticians encounter is, "Can I put clear lenses in my sunglasses?" The answer: it depends.

Join SportRx to find out when it works, and when it doesn't, for your specific frame. By the end of this article, you'll know if you can make your dream pair of sunglasses with clear lenses into a reality.

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A. Video Review
B. Can You Put Clear Lenses Into Any Sunglass Frame?
1. When You Can
2. When You Can't
C. Still Unsure? How To Get Personalized Advice
D. Shop Prescription Sunglasses with Clear Lenses Online at SportRx

Video Review

Join Senior Optician, Eyeglass Tyler, as he reveals everything you need to know about getting clear lenses in sunglasses. Continue reading for the full write-up.

Can You Put Clear Lenses Into Any Sunglass Frame?

The vast majority of sunglasses are available with clear lenses; however, this capability varies depending on the specific brand and frame. Below are questions for determining if your desired frame is compatible with clear lenses.

  • What are the manufacturer's lens options?
  • Is the frame available with custom lenses?
  • Do you need prescription?

Let's review more specific details of when you can, and can't, turn sunglasses into clear glasses.

When You Can

When a sunglass frame has Rx-able options, it is compatible with clear lenses most of the time. This doesn't necessarily mean you need a prescription. It simply means that the frame can accommodate custom lenses, which you can choose as clear — with or without prescription.

The caveat of this option? You'll pay a prescription price — even if you choose a non-Rx (otherwise known as plano) lens. This is considered a custom "prescription" build (even with zero vision correction), because the labor process mirrors an Rx order with lens cutting, lens coating applications, lens mounting, etc.

SportRx Insider Tip: Consider contacting the frame manufacturer on the option of replacement lenses for your sunglasses. While stock photos may show the original tinted sunglass lens, you might have the capability of purchasing clear replacement lenses at a price that's lower than the custom route mentioned above.

When You Can't

The opposite is true for when you can't insert clear lenses into a sunglass frame. If the frame is not Rx-able, then you won't have the customization option for a clear lens replacement — you're limited on the manufacturer base product as is.

Another no-go are shield designs. This falls under the umbrella of the non-Rx-able rule, so a customization option for a clear shield lens is not possible. Only the original manufacturer would have this customization option, if available.

Finally, clear lens options are dependent on the brand. Some sunglass brands only make tinted sunglass lenses. While their frames may have prescription capabilities, you may still notice tint-only options.

Still Unsure? How to Get Personalized Advice

We hope this helped you determine if clear lenses are an option for your sunglasses frame. If you still have questions, or have a specific frame in mind, give us a call! We have a team of friendly expert opticians who are ready to help you determine if clear lenses are an option for an existing or new frame. We're available 7 days a week and are eagerly awaiting your call.

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