This season is going to be fresh with snow and style. Scroll down to view our handpicked options for this year's best prescription snow goggles of 2020.

Top Picks for Prescription Snow Goggles

Table of Contents

1. Anon Optics M4 Toric MFI
2. Smith Squad Mag
3. Dragon PXV
4. Zeal Portal
5. Smith 4D Mag

Anon Optics M4 Toric MFI

We're starting our list with Anon Optics M4 Toric snow goggles. Equipped with all the ultimate technology your snow days need, these goggles will make sure your day on the mountain is awesome. Anon M4 goggles are clear and enhance contrast so you can see every obstacle ahead.

Anon Optics M4

Anon Optics M4 Toric MFI in Perceive in Green

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Key Features

  • Toric Injected Lens for ultimate clarity, peripherals, and vent volume
  • MAGNA-TECH® quick lens change system
  • Anon’s PERCEIVE lens technology sharpens contrast
  • MFI® technology (Magnetic Facemask Integration)

Smith Squad Mag

Marrying SMITH's seamless design with their secure MAG lens changing system makes these snow goggles as awesome as they get. These goggles features technology that allows the lens to adapt to changing light, making sure you never get caught off guard. Get the sharpest vision on the mountain with the SMITH Squad MAG snow goggles.

Smith Squad Mag in Chromapop Everyday Green

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Key Features

  • MAG™ lens changing system
  • ChromaPop™ lens technology
  • SMITH’s AirEvac™ anti-fog technology
  • Triple-layer DriWixface foam

Dragon PXV

Dragon PXV snow goggles are ready to take you up and down the mountain all day long. With their unique toric lens and triple-layer foam, they've got you covered from all angles to make sure your ride is soothing and secure. And with a bonus replacement lens you can change them up as you go, or how you feel.

DRAGON PXV SNOW GOGGLE in Split Lumalens Blue Amber lens

DRAGON PXV SNOW GOGGLE in Split Lumalens Blue Amber lens

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Key Features

  • Unique toric lens curvature for perfect clarity
  • Soft triple-layer frame foam
  • Bonus replacement lens

Zeal Portal

Zeal Portal snow goggles have the most advanced lens changing system. You can easily and quickly change your lenses wherever you are on the mountain. Replacement lenses are polarized and work in every light condition so your ride is as smooth as the fresh snow falling down on you.

Zeal Portal in Dark Night Jade Mirror Sky Blue lens

Zeal Portal in Dark Night Jade Mirror Sky Blue lens

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Key Features

  • Rail lock system
  • Triple foam layer
  • Spare Persimmon Sky Blue lens
  • Anti-fog coat & hydrophobic coatings

Smith 4D Mag

Revolutionizing the snow goggle game, SMITH 4D MAG. This goggle features an extended downward field of vision thanks to its lens that curves at the bottom. In case you struggle to see everything up ahead on your ride down, the SMITH 4D Mag snow goggle will be your best pal.




Key Features

  • SMITH’s MAG lens-change system
  • ChromaPop lenses
  • Bonus Lenses included

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