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The SportRx Showroom


The best place in the world to buy sunglasses (and ALL eyewear!) online is at SportRx – by far! And here’s why…

We’re not a bunch of operators and robots pencil pushing at a call center, sending you glasses out of some back warehouse. We are sunglass enthusiasts and athletes who love and have a passion for glasses. If you’re not passionate about glasses, you don’t work at SportRx. So know that there are real people here who are very passionate and have dedicated their careers to optics and sunglasses. On top of that, when you call us, you’re not talking to just regular people who love glasses– you’re talking to real opticians who love glasses; people who take the time to get you the best glasses possible that are specific to your vision needs and sport conditions. Plus, we work with all major manufacturers and have an incredible selection of your favorite brands.

Another thing that sets us apart is we have one of the most hi-tech labs in the country. We push the limits in the optical industry and create the most advanced wrap sports prescription lenses. Not to mention prescription ski goggles. Prescription ski goggles? Yes, prescription ski goggles. And we handle all the warranties for you. Most other places require you to go through the manufacturer yourself. Not with us. We handle all the paperwork, shipping, everything! And we’ll ship ‘em back to you – for FREE.

Finally, if you order from SportRx and you’re not happy, we have an amazing return policy. If you get something from us and you don’t like it, send it back! You get your money back or you can exchange it, no problem. I’d rather us do a return or an exchange than someone be unhappy with us. We’re very lenient and laid-back and just want to make sure that people are happy and actually using the glasses we made for them. So that’s another great reason to shop at SportRx. Plus…we’re cool! 🙂