To no surprise, Nike, Oakley, Dragon, Smith and Electric, 5 prominent brands that have vast amounts of influence in the sports market today, have learned what it takes to make the most versatile combination of sport-performance and every day lifestyle sunglasses. These brands have tapped into the importance of producing lifestyle performance sunglasses to satisfy those who live out an active lifestyle in various ways.

Top 5 Lifestyle Performance Sunglasses That Do It All

The 5 sunglass designs below are all considered to be multi-purpose sunglasses. These active lifestyle, sport sunglasses are constructed with top of the line technology to endure strenuous activities with their wearers, while upholding modern fashion and style to additionally promote every day usage.

1 | Nike Bandit Sunglasses

The Nike Bandit was created by the leading sports brand in the world. These Nike sunglasses transition from workout to day to day usage better than any ordinary pair of sport sunglasses. The Nike Bandit is truly a versatile design, offering incomparable style alongside cutting edge technology to support the wearer during work and while at play.

Built in air holes above the lenses create an air circulation system, preventing fogging of the glasses. Moreover, a soft rubber frame and temples not only increase airflow and comfort, but also prevent the glasses from moving or dislodging off of the wearers face. Needless to say, the Nike Bandit is a performance-ready pair of sport sunglasses.

The Nike Bandit sunglasses are made with a flat lens, delivering a different style than the traditionally curved sports lenses. To top it all off, the flat lens surface makes for a high-Rx compatible frame. Compared to the traditional curved sports sunglasses, Nike Bandit prescription sunglasses accommodate vision needs, desired style and versatile usage better than any other lifestyle or sport frame.

2 | Oakley Mainlink Sunglasses

Similar to the Bandit, the Oakley Mainlink is a "one frame fits all" type of frame. Being produced by historically one of the most prominent glasses manufacturer, Oakley, the Mainlink will not disappoint.

Using Unobtainium earsocks and nosebomb technology, these Oakley sunglasses will sit tight regardless of how much the wearer sweats during a workout. Additionally, the glasses use a Three-Point Fit system to ensure optimal comfort and alignment during a workout. The Oakley Mainlink also features a lightweight frame for all day comfort. Due to the extreme comfort of these featherweight sunglasses, they can be used on a day to day bases as well as during workouts. Such as the Nike Bandit, the Oakley Mainlink has a unique design that differs from the average sports eyewear. Also using a flatter lens, the Mainlink is Rx compatible and offers a different style lens. Oakley created another solid set of sunglasses that has universal usage, as both sports and lifestyle eyewear.

3 | Dragon SeafarerX Sunglasses

Dragon SeafarerX Prescription Sunglasses, lifestyle performance sunglasses

Dragon SeafarerX Prescription Sunglasses featured in Matte Black with Blue Ion Lenses

Dragon SeafarerX sunglasses were made to meet all of your needs both on or around the water. These Dragon sunglasses feature a foldable frame, an adjustable and removable leash system, and a rubber nose bridge and temples, all of which are necessities for an advanced pair of sunglasses you'd want with you during all your water and land adventures.

While maintaining a fresh, modern lifestyle look, the Dragon SeafarerX also features prescription available lens technologies like Performance Polar, 100% UV protection, light filtering, impact resistance and element protection. SeafarerX lifestyle performance sunglasses incorporate technologies that were designed to enhance your experience on the water, bringing unbeatable performance together with casual, all-day style.

4 | Smith Outlier XL Sunglasses

The Smith Outlier XL sunglasses are a careful modern refinement to the legendary Smith brand DNA, perfect for those who prefer a larger frame style. These Smith sunglasses feature hydrophilic megal nose and temple pads to create an ultra comfortable fit, encompassed by an eco-friendly Evolve frame material, perfect for the seriously active individual.

Smith Outlier XL Sunglasses, lifestyle performance sunglasses

Smith Outlier XL prescription sunglasses featured in Matte Tortoise with Polarized Brown Lenses

The frames are enhanced by ChromaPop polarized lenses, providing the best color and clarity that will enhance your vision whether you are scaling a large cliff or just kicking back at the beach. The Smith Outlier XL is an impact-resistant, lightweight, multipurpose sunglass that will cut harsh glare- all while incorporating groundbreaking technology into a stunningly stylish pair of shades. Their flat lens design makes for a highly Rx-able build. Count on a pair of Smith Outlier XL prescription sunglasses to fulfill all your vision and adventurous lifestyle needs.

5 | Electric Swingarm S Sunglasses

Classic style and premium performance are beautifully brought together in the Electric Swingarm S sunglasses. These multipurpose, Rx-able sunglasses provide maximum security and comfort through a performance nose pad that ensures a no-slip grip and an innovative. A double-action hinge system keeps everything where you want it to be, all day long.

Electric Swingarm S Prescription Sunglasses, lifestyle performance sunglasses

Electric Swingarm S Matte Black Sunglasses with OHM Grey Lenses

OHM Polarized polycarbonate lenses drastically reduce intense glare while blocking harmful UV and HEV blue light, relaxing your eyes while bringing vivid vision to your every day activities. For uncompromising fit and function, Swingarm S prescription lifestyle performance sunglasses are here with all purpose performance and Electric style.

Prescription Multipurpose Sunglasses

The Nike Bandit, Oakley Mainlink, Dragon SeafarerX, Smith Outlier XL and Electric Swingarm S all differ from traditional sports sunglasses. Offering an alternative style, while upholding the vital technology to produce a robust supportive structure during workouts, these sunglasses are reliable in any situation. SportRx offers all of these multipurpose designs with prescription lenses, and are always here to answer any questions you might have. If you're dreaming of that one pair prescription sunglasses that fits all uses in your life, you've found just that. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us any day of the week