America's favorite pastime is in good hands with the next generation of ball players. Whether your kid is just starting out or already training for the big leagues, sunglasses will help give them the confidence and protection needed to reach their peak performance. Check out our list of the best kids' baseball sunglasses to help in your decision-making process.

Top 7 Kids' Baseball Sunglasses

1. What to Look for in Baseball Sunglasses
2. Top 7 Kids' Baseball Sunglasses of 2020
2.1. Oakley Flak XS
2.2. Oakley Quarter Jacket
2.3. Under Armour Windup Youth
2.4. Rudy Project Rydon Slim
2.5. Nike Skylon Ace XV Jr
2.6. Nike Trainer Small
2.7. Oakley Radar EV XS
3. Get the Best Prescription Kids' Baseball Sunglasses at SportRx!

He may be Eyeglass Tyler, but he sure knows his sport sunglass stuff, too. Watch as he takes us through the top 7 kids' baseball sunglasses of 2020.

What to Look for in Kids' Baseball Sunglasses

There are a few things to keep an eye out for when it comes to frame and lens technology for baseball sunglasses.

Frame Technology

The frame shape, materials, wrap, and fit help to keep your kid's sunglasses in place.

As far as the shape and wrap go, you want a wraparound, or 8-base frame, for baseball. Kids need protection from UV light even more so than adults. A full wraparound frame will provide all the necessary coverage while also allowing the wearer to see clearly out of the corners of their eyes. Why is this important? Think about standing at the plate or lining up a throw from the outfield. The player typically has to turn their body and look out through the side of the lens rather than straight on.

Having a frame that is both lightweight and durable is ideal so they can wear their sunglasses during long innings and not have to worry about them falling off every time they dive for the ball. Make sure the frame fits well, too. You might be tempted to buy a bigger frame with the idea that your kid will grow into it, but then the sunglasses might be too loose and slide around even with grip. Besides, we still encourage switching frames every year or two anyway.

Lens Technology

Having a high-contrast lens makes the ball easier to track against other colors. Rose copper and brown tints are best for giving that much needed contrast.

Lens color for night games will differ from day games—at night, you want a clear lens, while the same will be inconvenient in the daytime. Transitions and interchangeable lenses are an option if your kid plays in varying lighting conditions.

Top 7 Kids' Baseball Sunglasses of 2020

We have a thorough guide of what to look for in kids' baseball sunglasses, but for now, here are some of our top-rated baseball frames.

1. Oakley Flak XS

The Flak XS is a youth version of Oakley's bestselling sports frame, the Flak 2.0 XL. The size is best for kids 7-13 years of age. Get a full breakdown in our review.

Oakley Flak XS prescription kids' baseball sunglasses

Oakley Flak XS in Polished White with PRIZM Field Lenses

Shop Oakley Flak XS

Key Oakley Flak XS Features:

  • Proprietary O-Matter frame for lightweight durability and comfort.
  • Unobtainium earsocks and nose pads ensure a secure fit even when sweating.
  • Interchangeable lenses let you adjust to any conditions.
  • Available with PRIZM Field lenses for the best baseball experience.

2. Oakley Quarter Jacket

The Quarter Jacket is another youth version of a popular Oakley frame, the Half Jacket 2.0. We'd recommend this for ages 6-11. Get a more in-depth look by reading our review!

Oakley Quarter Jacket

Oakley Quarter Jacket in Matte Black with PRIZM Jade Lenses

Shop Oakley Quarter Jacket

Key Oakley Quarter Jacket Features:

  • High Rx option: If your kiddo can't see too well and has trouble finding sports glasses for their prescription, the Quarter Jacket can hold a wide range.
  • Oakley's signature hydrophilic Unobtainium on the temples and nose grips.
  • Available with PRIZM Field lenses if you order in prescription.

3. Under Armour Windup Youth

Our bestselling youth frame, the Under Armour Windup Youth is built to go the distance however long the game. We recommend this for ages 7-13. Check out our review for even more details.

Under Armour Windup Sunglasses

Under Armour Windup Youth in Shiny White/ Charcoal-Grey with Orange Multiflection Lens

Shop Under Armour Windup Youth

Key Under Armour Windup Youth Features:

  • ArmourFusion frame made from high grade injected polyamide for maximum impact resistance.
  • ArmourSight lens technology provides distortion-free vision with scratch and impact resistance.
  • Multiflection lens coating guards against scratches and smudges while providing 100% UVA/B/C protection.

4. Rudy Project Rydon Slim

A scaled-down version of Rudy Project's bestselling frame, the Rydon Slim is a stylish option for teens.

Rudy Project Rydon Slim

Rudy Project Rydon Slim in Carbon with Polar 3FX Multilaser Green

Shop Rudy Project Rydon Slim

Key Rudy Project Rydon Slim Features:

  • Fully adjustable temples (and nose pads) allow for a custom fit on 99.9% of faces.
  • Interchangeable lenses provide even more customization options.
  • The carbon frame makes these super lightweight and durable.
  • Available with an Rx dock for especially strong prescriptions.

5. Nike Skylon Ace XV Jr

A youth version of the Nike Skylon Ace XV, the Jr size is best for pre-teens.

Nike Skylon Ace XV Jr kids' prescription baseball sunglasses

Nike Skylon Ace XV Jr in Matte Midnight Navy with Grey Blue Sky Flash Lenses

Shop Nike Skylon Ace XV Jr

Key Nike Skylon Ace XV Features:

  • Max Optics polycarbonate lenses with a hydrophobic coating that repels liquids, salt, sand, oil, and dust.
  • Tall lenses provide extended coverage.
  • A lightweight and durable nylon frame that stays true to its shape.

6. Nike Trainer Small

The Trainer Small is a kids' size of the Nike Trainer. These sunglasses are best for pre-teens on the larger side, or an average teen face.

Nike Trainer Small Youth Baseball Sunglasses

Nike Trainer Small in Black & Grey with Silver Flash Lens

Shop Nike Trainer Small

Key Nike Trainer Small Features:

  • Ventilated, self-adjusting nose bridge adjusts to any nose.
  • An ultra lightweight and durable nylon frame for flexibility in all temperatures.
  • The wide lenses provide max viewing from side to side as well as up and down.

7. Oakley Radar EV XS

These kids' sport sunglasses provide full coverage and protection and are a scaled down version of a classic baseball frame. The Oakley Radar EV XS is best for teens.

Oakley Radar EV XS Youth Baseball Sunglasses

Oakley Radar EV XS in Polished White & Sapphire Iridium Lens

Shop Oakley Radar EV XS

Key Oakley Radar EV XS Features:

  • Large, vented shield lens for full coverage & fog reduction
  • PRIZM Field lens technology
  • Comfortable saddle nose bridge
  • Note: Not Rx-able

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