Whether you're searching for yourself or your child athlete, SportRx has sorted through numerous brands to find you the best basketball goggles of 2019. Seeing your shot while protecting your eyes from flagrant elbows when driving the lane or boxing out in the paint are critical components to taking your performance to the next level. The following list includes the top 3 brands of basketball goggles with adult and youth options that will help elevate your game in 2019!


1. What to look for in BASKETBALL GOGGLES
2. Rec Spec
3. Progear Eyeguard
3. Wiley X Force Collection

What to Look for in Basketball Goggles

Frame Technology - The last thing you want is your eyewear moving around on your face distracting you from the game. Having well-designed frames with the right strap and/or temple setup is key for maintaining goggle alignment.

Lens Technology & Saftey - Your basketball goggles lenses should meet or exceed the ASTM F803 safety standards, meaning they can withstand a 40 to 65.1-millimeter projectile fired at a rate of 90 mph. This will keep eyes safe as the goggle lenses won't break or become separated from the frame during play. All goggles in our guide meet or exceed the ASTM F803 safety standards.

Sizing - The best basketball goggles are made a little smaller than glasses meaning if you wear a 53 in glasses the 55 sized goggles will fit you just fine. For assistance with sizing feel free to Contact Us, and our sports opticians will answer all your questions.

For more information on important features check out the Basketball Goggles Buyers Guide.

Rec Specs Maxx

First on our list of best basketball goggles of 2019 is the Rec Specs Maxx. The Rec Specs Maxx 31 will help adults and older teenagers concentrate on the full-court press and not their eyewear. Rec Specs Maxx 31 incorporates impact-absorbing silicone pads in the bridge and temples helping them to stay in place while providing additional protection during more intense competition.

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Rec Specs Maxx 31

Rec Specs Maxx 31 in Crimson with Clear Lenses

Shop Rec Specs Maxx 31


The Rec Specs Maxx 21 is designed for your child star. Rec Specs Maxx 21 provides them all the same features as the Maxx 31, giving your little one the confidence to play their game at the highest level. The Rec Specs Maxx comes in a variety of colors, shop now to find the pair that allows you to look as good as you play

Rec Specs Maxx 21

Rec Specs Maxx 21 in Bright Blue & Black with Clear Lenses

Shop Rec Specs Maxx 21


Eyeguard Progear

The Eyeguard series provides comfort, adjustability, protection, and value as it's the least expensive brand on the best basketball goggles of the 2019 list. Progear makes 3 different versions of the Eyeguard basketball goggles: the Eyeguard L Eyeguard M, and Eyeguard S. As you might have inferred the only difference between the goggles is their sizing. The Eyeguard L is Progear's largest version that's made for adults and older teens.

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Progear Eyeguard L

Progear Eyeguard L in Shiny Metallic Black with Clear Lenses

Shop Progear Eyeguard L


Progear's Eyeguard M will fit and look great on teens or adults with smaller faces. Check out more frames with their metallic finishes by shopping Progear Eyeguard.

Progear Eyeguard M

Progear Eyeguard M in Shiny Metallic Pearl White with Clear Lenses

Shop Progear Eyeguard M


Eyeguard S is their extra-small to small version that not only keeps your next-generation superstar safe but also keeps them looking cool, as they imitate their larger versions.

Progear Eyeguard S

Progear Eyeguard S in Shiny Metallic Silver with Clear Lenses

Shop Progear Eyeguard S



Wiley X Force Collection

When it comes to the best basketball goggles of 2019, Wiley X is a SportRx favorite. Their Youth Force collection goggles contain all the features needed to provide you with comfort and safety during games and practice. Wiley X also goes above and beyond with customizability and extras. With the push of a button, you can go from glasses with temple pieces and a strap to a full goggle. All goggles in Wiley X's Force Collection include the temples, temple straps, and a goggle strap, so you can decide how you want to wear them. Wiley X's Force collection frames include a hard case and soft bag to protect the gear that protects you. The Force Collection is a growing product line by Wiley X, with the major differences being the sizing of the goggle.

Even though this is considered a youth line the Wiley X Gamer is made large enough to fit comfortably on the heads of adults. With a matte black and silver color scheme, the Gamer will keep its wearer and their play looking mature.

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Wiley X Gamer

Wiley X Gamer in Matte Black & Dark Silver with Clear Lenses

Shop Wiley X Gamer


The Fierce is a youth medium to large fit and is an optimal goggle when it comes to safety and vision while on the court.

Wiley X Fierce

Wiley X Fierce in Dark Silver & Red with Clear Lenses

Shop Wiley X Fierce


The Victory is a youth medium fit goggle that is extremely durable and will protect your newest athletes. This goggle also includes numerous color schemes for those with dreams of playing in either the NBA or WNBA, shop Wiley X Victory and see more.

Wiley X Victory

Wiley X Victory in Matte Black & Lime Green with Clear

Shop Wiley X Victory


If you want to see the full Force Collection, check out our video.


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