When we drive at night, we face a smattering of bright lights, dim lights, colored lights—you name it. Some glasses are better than others for night driving, but are glasses with yellow lenses one of them? Stick around to find out!

Are Yellow Lenses Better for Night Driving?

1. Yellow Lenses: Pros & Cons
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2. Anti-Reflective Coating
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Eyeglass Tyler shares his thoughts on whether glasses with yellow lenses are a good option for your night driving.

Yellow Lenses: Pros & Cons

When it comes to yellow lenses at night, keep in mind that everyone is going to have a different experience because no two people have the same eye function. Let's dive into some pros and cons to help you decide if they're right for your nightly commute.


A yellow tint lets less light through the lens, so if you have light-colored or sensitive eyes, they could in fact soften the harsh oncoming traffic lights. If the severity of bright lights is what bothers you as opposed to intense glare, it could be beneficial for you to try yellow lenses.


Many people find the experience of wearing a yellow lens to be pretty intense visually, rather than subtle and pleasing to your eyes. There's also a misconception that a yellow tint will brighten your dark surroundings, but as we discussed, it actually lets less light through, and is darker than a standard clear lens.

Anti-Reflective Coating

If you have a prescription and are already wearing glasses to drive, the best solution for night driving is a quality anti-reflective coating. An AR coating minimizes all that harsh glare to let more light through to your eyes. Whereas a tint absorbs light, the AR coating allows it to pass through the lens. In fact, you could even wear a non-prescription pair of glasses with an AR coating to help reduce glare and ultimately see better at night.

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