When shopping for your next pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses, you may be overwhelmed by all the lens coating options. Are they really worth it? Stick with us as we explain the purpose of each type of lens coating to help you decide which ones you need.

Table of Contents

1. Anti-Reflective Coating
2. Scratch-Resistant Coating
3. UV Coating
4. Mirror Coating
5. Anti-Fog Coating
Can I Add Coatings After Purchasing?
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In the video below, Eyeglass Tyler goes over anti-reflective coatings, scratch-resistant coatings, UV coatings, mirror coatings, and anti-fog coatings to help you decide which you need.

Anti-Reflective Coating

An anti-reflective coating can also be called AR or anti-glare. It's the most common type of coating you'll find.

Whether to get an AR coating depends on what your planned use is. It's something we highly recommend for eyeglasses because it helps eye strain and eye fatigue when staring at screens as well as reduces glare from headlights at night. AR is also a must if you're getting Transitions for your eyeglasses.

AR is a great option for the backside of sunglass lenses because it reduces glare coming in from behind. To learn more about AR with sunglasses, check out Do I Need an Anti-Reflective Coating on Sunglasses?

Scratch-Resistant Coating

People often worry their prescription lenses will scratch. While no lens is 100% scratch-proof, there are some really good coatings that can help the lens last longer. This coating is great if you're worried about scratching your glasses or sunglasses, though we still recommend being careful. As Sunglass Rob says, "On your face or in the case, that way you won't have to replace!"

It's also worth noting that getting a scratch-resistant coating often includes a scratch warranty. This means if you do scratch your glasses or sunglasses, chances are you'll be able to replace the lens for free.

UV Coating

A lot of people also wonder if a UV coating is necessary. Essentially, a UV coating is usually not a coating, but rather part of the lens itself. Most sunglasses and eyeglasses will protect you from 100% of UV light as is.

So why bother mentioning? It comes back to the AR coating we mentioned earlier. Some AR coatings have UV protection in them, which is especially important in a backside AR coating in sunglasses. That UV light is bouncing off the back of the lens and into your eyes. That can be bad for you!

Mirror Coating

A mirror coating is an excellent option for sunglasses if you want the darkest lens possible. Mirror coatings reflect excess light away from the eye, effectively giving you a darker lens.

Mirror sunglasses also allow for more customizability and to express your personality or match your outfit. You can select different mirror colors and densities to have either a subtle silver or bright, bold blue and anything in between.

Anti-Fog Coating

We suggest anti-fog coatings for things like prescription snow goggle inserts (which we specialize in), high-wrapped frames, or frames with a gasket such as those seen from Wiley X. These types of frames sit closer to your face, often offering less air circulation and an increased chance of fogging. To make the most of your crystal-clear lenses, get the anti-fog.

Can I Add Coatings After Purchasing?

For all intents and purposes, no. Once your prescription lenses have been completed and possibly even worn, there's a strong chance of ruining the lenses if you try to get a coating added later. Tyler suggests that if you see this sort of deal elsewhere, don't go for it.

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