Anon fans, if you don't already have the WM3 snow goggle, after this review you most certainly will want to. Tune in below to watch a video and read on for the full details on this review of the WM3 snow goggle.

Anon WM3 Snow Goggles

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Anon WM3 Video Review

Anon WM3 Snow Goggles

Let's get right into it these goggles. Anon WM3 comes with MAGNA technology which means you can change your lenses anywhere on the mountain in a hot sec. They also come with an extra spare lens for those low light days when the clouds start to roll in and you can swap them out quickly thanks to that MAGNA tech. WM3 lenses are equipped with an oleophobic and hydrophobic coating on them which repels dirt, oil, and debris so you have a nice clear view riding down the mountain. In addition, it is a cylindrical lens shape which is a cool throwback to a retro look.

With PERCIEVE technology the WM3 goggles have enhanced contrast to boost colors and help you distinguish all the obstacles in front of you. As if these goggles couldn't get any better, they're also MFI compatible which means your face mask will snap right onto the goggles to keep you warm and protected all day long. The strap is designed with a silicone lining to help secure a non-slip grip on your helmet. All in all, WM3 snow goggles are a quality go-to that we highly recommend you give a try this snow season.

Anon Optics WM3 snow goggles

Anon WM3 in Black with PERCEIVE Variable Green + PERCEIVE Cloudy Pink Lenses

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Key Features

  • MAGNA-TECH® quick lens change system
  • Low-profile Cylindrical Injected Lens
  • PERCEIVE high-contrast lens technology
  • Outlast® Fog Management Face Fleece
  • MFI® technology (Magnetic Facemask Integration)
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