Ready to buy an awesome new pair of mountain biking glasses? Be sure you know our top 7 tips before you do, and get exactly what you need for your next session.

1. Contrast-Enhancing Lenses

First off, you'll need to be able to spot all those bumps and dips in the trail, even while riding in deep shadow. A rose or copper lens tint is best to get that contrast on.

2. Protection and Impact Resistance

If you take a spill, your glasses will need to be able to take it with you. Make sure they cover a majority of your eye area (wrap frames are best!), and that the lenses are made of something sturdy like polycarbonate. Plastic and glass lenses break more easily, so save those for your everyday glasses.

3. Comfort and Fit

Make sure your mountain biking sunglasses fit comfortably before you set out on a long ride. You don't want to lose time taking them off because they don't fit well under your helmet or dig into the sides of your head. Look for straight and slim temples. Those fit best under a helmet and are easily removable.

4. Non-Slip Grip

Be sure there's some kind of grip, especially on the nose and temples! Your mountain biking glasses need to stay on your face on the rockiest of rides and remain firmly in place even when you break a sweat.

5. Transitions Lenses

Transitions (also called photochromic) lenses are great if you ride both in shadow and sun. They change tint depending on how bright the sun is to let you handle any type of weather or light conditions. Learn more about Transitions by checking out our blog here!

6. Ventilation & Anti-Fog Coating

Don't miss out on any part of the trail because your glasses are fogging up. Make sure they have proper venting, especially around the nose and bottom frame. An anti-fog coating wouldn't go amiss either!

7. Prescription Lenses at SportRx

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