As we all know, mountain biking is a badass sport. So of course your mountain biking glasses have to be just as epic. They’re your racing companion when you're riding at breakneck speed and the sun is beaming down on you. They keep you riding at your peak while still maintaining that fresh look. We know you know, and so do these guys. Paul, Konakell, and Frederico, are three very passionate mountain bikers, just like you that chose awesome pairs of sunglasses that are based on key eliminates that provide them with a pristine ride. Check out these seven factors that these mountain bikers thought about when they found their perfect MTB sunglasses.

1. Passion You Can See – Every Mountain Biker Wears Glasses

With rocks, sand, and debris flying up from the trail, low hanging tree branches that break your path, and the bright sun glaring down, protection is a must. That's why Paul, Konakell, and Frederico chose sunglasses that protect them through all the harsh paths their bikes ride down. For mountain bikers like them, true passion for a sport comes with safe pair of glasses too.

2. Clean Rides with Color and Contrast Enhancing Lenses

To match Konakell’s enthusiasm for mountain biking, he went with the great fitting SMITH Tempo Max. His amber lens choice offered him excellent contrast to differentiate the rocks and gravel to avoid dips in the road. Lenses like Konakell's highlight every second while he rides along any tree-lined path.

Mountain Bike Testimonial Quote

3. Conqueror the Trail in Shade and Sundown

Transitions lenses change tint when light hits them. The brighter it is outside, the darker the lens become and vice versa. As Konakell thought about his many adventures throughout the mountains, he knew transition lenses would help him see better on open roads or weaving through the densely forested areas too. And if he wanted, Konakell could ride from dawn to dusk.

4. For When Those Tree Branches Come Out of Nowhere – Impact and Shatter Resistant Lenses

As Paul pushed ahead, the trail upped its game and the trees began to thicken. He had not been sure which glasses would do the trick at first and after watching several videos, Paul was confident in his choice. He knew that his sleek Oakley Frogskins with their Prizm ruby lenses would support his spirit and protest his eyes if any branches popped out of nowhere.

Prizm see the difference

Enhanced Contrast and Clarity with Oakley's Prizm lens

5. Kiss Fog Goodbye – Fog Fighter Designs Keep Your Sight Clear

As Paul ripped around the path, he was amazed at how the anti-fog coating kept his lenses crystal clear. From the wet early mornings to the warm muggy afternoons, there was no vapor residual left on the glasses. These glasses make for a cool and stylish ride, along with their mountain biking features they were perfect for Paul’s ride.

6. Forget the Frames on Your Face – Comfort you can feel

Frederico's expedition led him down the mountain, he quickly curved around a pothole in his path. He almost forgot he was wearing his new Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL. They wrapped so snugly and comfortably around his face it was almost as if they were not even there.

7. See the Trail the Way it was Meant to be – Customizable Prescription Lenses

Frederico couldn’t believe the dazzling green scenery he laid eyes on while wearing his prescription lenses. He was finally able to capture all the beauty the trails had. Though at first he was not sure how the wrap lenses would work with his prescription, it only took one ride for him to see and take it all in.

The smooth curve of the lenses, even with his prescription, finally allowed him to see the trail the way it was always was, but was unseen without his prescription lenses. Shredding gnar and whipping through turns is no match for the Frederico in his new mountain biking wraps.

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