Imagine your most intense ride. Biking through the gravel of the mountains or along to hills of the coastline, you feel unstoppable. Maybe it's been a long week and you finally get to dust off your bike and head out on a Sunday morning for a killer workout. Those are the moments, the rides, the workouts you look forward to. Just like you, Mike, a fellow cycling enthusiast, decided to tackle his outdoor experience by finding the ultimate pair of glasses to take him down any road or path.

Cycling Testimony

Ready to ride and hit the roads, Mike started his search for the pair of glasses that suited him best. He discovered the Oakley Flak 2.0 XL.

1. Wind Coverage Means No More Squinting

Biking with contacts can be a challenge when the wind blows in your face, drying out your eyes. It’s frustrating when your eyes become irritated and teary. Mike needed sunglasses with taller lenses and shaped to act as a windshield for the ride. The Oakley Flak 2.0 XL protects Mike from all angles, and with his prescription, he doesn't have to worry about his contacts drying out either.

2. Unlock Hard Mode with Color and Contrast Enhancing Lenses

But Mike was looking to get a little more out of his cycling sunglasses. He wanted every detail to pop while he's flying down the road, making sure he never missed a pothole or bump along his path to ensure his course was a prime ride. For cycling, the Road Black or Road Red PRIZM lenses are the right choice to prepare you for a smooth curve and turn of your wheels. Enhancing the details on your ride as crystal clear to make sure you never miss a beat.

Prizm Road Lenses Flak 2.0 XL

3. Focus in on the Road

Mike was aware that despite his skill on the road, twigs and debris can come out of nowhere, and he wanted his eyes to be protected. Unlike the CR39 or glass that are typically seen in fashion glasses, these glasses are impact-resistant and ready for anything even when Mike might not be.

4. So Comfortable You Forgot They Were on your Face

Finally, Mike can put all of his energy into riding in the moment, pushing his limits and exploring the world on his wheels. No cyclist wants to be focused on problems when there is an easy solution, “I could see distance just fine, but reading my bike computer or phone while on the ride was proving to be a challenge,” Mike revealed.

Now, Mike isn’t even aware that his glasses are resting on his face. He can move his head up and down without worrying that his sunglasses will slip, due to the Unobtanium™ rubber which fits like a glove. As he gets hotter and sweatier throughout the day, the frames held tight to his face. No matter the conditions the weather or his body experienced, his glasses stayed right where they belonged. Mike can put all of his focus and determination solely into his ride and living in the moment.

5. Ride Long, Ride Strong

As Mikes journey progresses throughout the day, the sun shifts through the clouds or maybe Mike’s by the coast and has to deal with the glare from with water. No matter what he rides through, not only will UV protection be shielding Mike’s eyes from harmful sun rays, with transitions lenses the glasses do the job for him. When the sun’s bright, he gets a darker lens so his eyes don’t need to be squinting, and when he dips into a forest, more the tint is lighter so he can see everything in his path. The XL frame provides the extra space so sunlight isn’t slipping through.

Flak 2.0 vs Flak 2.0 XL

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6. Show the Open Road Your Passion

These sunglasses are the best-selling Oakley sunglasses for a reason. They hold a seamless combination of look and functionality. Mike looks as intense as his ride and doesn't have to worry about his sunglasses flopping around. They complete the avid cyclist’s ensemble and the temples go straight back, so Mike can slip them seamlessly under his helmet.

7. A Solution for Sight

After a full season of escapades and riding adventures, these sunglasses never leave Mikes side, they’re in it for the long hall. These are a real solution for seeing. The lens are interchangeable so if Mike wants to add polarization or put in a different PRIZM lens, its a simple switch. Replacing the nose pad and rubber temples from year to year to freshen up his look is simple, check out our online tutorials.

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