2015 MLB division champs celebrate their victories traditionally with champagne, beer and snow goggles! Your favorite players from your favorite teams are captured mid-celebration wearing some of the most popular ski goggles out there. Ski goggles seen worn by many throughout the celebrations include Oakley Goggles and Nike Goggles, as they're both great options for much-needed protection against bubbling showers to keep the festivities' going. Just like the diversity of the teams, we get a peek at the wide-range of options soon to come from these companies. AL East winner Toronto Blue Jays beat out 2014 division champion Baltimore Orioles 15-2, a historic victory for the first time in 22 years. The whole team celebrates their achievement with their stylish and top-of-the-line Oakley snow goggles and Nike snow goggles.

Dodgers Clinch NL West Championship in Oakley Air Break

LA Dodgers Enjoy their reign as NL West Champions sporting the Oakley Air Break Goggles

AL Central winner, the Kansas City Royals, claims their crown and top off their royal attire with a match pair of Oakley snow goggles. Beating the Seattle Mariners 10-4, making this their first-ever American League Central title... defiantly an occasion worth celebrating, and doing so in style.

AL West winner Texas Rangers send the Los Angeles Angles packing for home in a 9-2 victory, making this their sixth division title. Although the excitement was apparent, this seemed like the perfect moment to make good use of those Oakley snow goggle's on your head.

The New York Mets, the underdog of the NL East, comes out on top beating the Cincinnati Reds 10-2. This is their first division crown since 2006. Although no one expected the Mets to reign supreme, we all expected the team to use some beer-and-champagne guarding Oakley's to keep their party going.

The New York Mets celebrate their long-awaited victory with their favorite pair of Nike and Oakley Snow Goggles and accompanied by endless champagne

The New York Mets celebrate their long-awaited victory with their favorite pair of Nike and Oakley Snow Goggles and accompanied by endless champagne

The St. Louis Cardinals clinch their third straight NL Central division title, beating the Pittsburg Pirates 11-1. This is their 11th division title since 1994. Despite multiple injuries, and star player's sitting out for long periods, the Cardinals' and the player's earned themselves the best record in the majors this season.

NL West winner the Los Angeles Dodgers knock off their rivals, the San Francisco Giants 8-0 at AT&T park, the Giants home turf. It was definitely enough to make the Dodgers celebration an exciting one, as it's the Dodgers third division title in a row!

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