Asian Fit Eyeglasses & Asian Fit Prescription Glasses

Do you have a hard time finding glasses that fit you properly? You may find them sliding down your nose, touching your cheeks or eyelashes, or feeling off in general. If so, you may need Asian Fit glasses. Our Asian Fit eyeglasses are designed to accommodate typical Asian facial features, but anyone who experiences these issues may find a benefit from wearing these glasses. Aside from “Asian Fit,” these glasses can also be known as omni fit, universal fit, or alternative fit.READ MORE

What are Asian Fit Eyeglasses?

Asian fit frames are designed with Asian faces in mind—they often have a thicker nose bridge, wider frame, shorter lenses, or some combination of the three. Since Asian features usually include a flat nose bridge and higher cheekbones, Asian Fit frames make glasses fit better by lifting them off the face. This way, your glasses won’t stick too close to your face or slip around when you smile. You can learn more about Asian fit glasses by checking out our blog post and video What are Asian Fit Sunglasses?

Do I need Asian Fit Eyeglasses?

In most cases, you’ll already know if you do. If your glasses seem to fit you just fine already, no need to fix what isn’t broken and you can move to shopping our full eyeglass collection. But if you’re frustrated trying to find the perfect fit, give our Asian Fit frames a shot. They provide a more balanced fit to reduce pressure on your nose and temples.

Questions about whether Asian Fit glasses are right for you? We have friendly and knowledgeable opticians standing by 7 days a week to give you personalized service. We take great pride in our work, and we’ll go the distance to make sure you’re happy with the glasses we make for you. We can take care of any sort of individual prescription needs as well. Bifocals, progressives, Transitions, you name it. We’ll help you find the perfect glasses for you.

Best of Asian Fit Eyeglasses

One of our top-selling brands, Oakley, was also one of the first to make Asian Fit glasses. Their MNP eyeglasses come with three different nose pads so you can customize the best fit for your face. The Crosslink is a favorite for us since it works for both sports and daily life, but all of the MNP glasses will give you that customizability.

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