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Zeal Goggles

Dominate the slopes with Zeal goggles. Navigate winding terrain with precision and ease thanks to Optimum lens technology. This advanced lens tech enhances depth perception and contrast. Block out cold air and prevent fogging with high-quality features and find noticeable improvement in your vision, comfort, and confidence on your next run with Zeal.READ MORE

Finding the Right Zeal Goggle for You

Zeal goggles come in various designs, each delivering the ultimate riding experience. To help you find the perfect goggle for your needs, it's beneficial to learn about their cutting-edge technology.


When selecting your Zeal goggles, you’ll find several options available, including mirrored and tinted lenses. All Zeal goggles provide excellent clarity, vibrant colors, and improved definition. All you have to do is find the Optimum lens that is ideal for your riding conditions. Whether you're in a bright and sunny environment or a low-light setting, Zeal goggles have the perfect solution for you.

  • Optimum lenses are exceptional and offer unbeatable value at a great price. They provide complete UV protection in any situation and include cutting-edge Everclear Anti-Fog technology to maintain clear vision. They are the perfect choice for both cloudy and mildly sunny days.
  • On bright, sunny days, Zeal Polarized lenses are highly effective. Their top-notch polarization feature reduces glare and allows for clear vision even in intense sunlight. Additionally, the lenses' reflective coating not only adds a stylish touch, but also helps block out the sun's rays.
  • The versatility of Zeal Polarized Automatic+ lenses lies in their ability to adjust their level of darkness based on the intensity of sunlight. This makes them a reliable choice for uncertain weather conditions.

  • To help you choose the ideal Zeal goggle lens color, check out our blog, Zeal Snow Goggle Lens Technology. It features a straightforward lens chart for easy understanding.


    Regardless of the Zeal ski goggle you choose, you can expect a set of top-notch performance features to elevate your riding experience. Here are some key features found in all Zeal snow goggles:

  • Triple-layer face foam forms a soft seal around your face to keep nature's elements out and help reduce fogging.
  • Non-slip straps are coated with silicone so your goggles stay comfortably in place after you've adjusted them.
  • Wide field of view so you have the best vision when carving out your lines.

  • For a versatile goggle that meets all your needs, consider a Zeal goggle equipped with the Rail Lock System (//RLs). This innovative system enables swift and secure lens changes by guiding, sliding, and locking the lens into place. Using dual channels on the frame, you can effortlessly slide the lens on, where it is securely held in place by a magnetic system. Each //RLs Zeal goggle also includes a Persimmon Sky Blue Mirror storm lens, further enhancing its versatility.

    If frequent lens swapping is not a concern, consider goggles with Observation Deck Technology (ODT) for a unique feature. Inspired by the principles behind structures like air traffic control towers, ODT is designed to replicate the perspective of an eagle. The angled bottom lens expands your visual range by 20%, providing a distortion-free view. Even more, ODT blocks direct light, providing ‌clear and glare-free vision.

    Zeal Optics Ski Goggle FAQs

    What makes Zeal goggles stand out from other brands?

    Zeal goggles are known for their innovative designs and use of high-quality materials. They also offer a wide range of lens options to cater to different lighting conditions and activities.

    Are Zeal goggles suitable for all types of outdoor activities?

    Yes, Zeal goggles are designed to be versatile and can be used for a variety of outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding, and backcountry touring and snowmobiling.

    How do I know which size of Zeal goggles to choose?

    Your Zeal goggle size correlates with the size of your head. A rule of thumb is to match the goggle size with the size helmet you wear. Just about every goggle is now helmet-compatible, and most adults can comfortably fit into multiple goggle sizes.

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