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Dragon® Replacement Lenses & Dragon Prescription Lenses

Dragon Alliance sunglasses, Dragon optical, and Dragon snow goggles are created for all ages with an active lifestyles. It’s not easy hitting the slopes with the sun in your ryes or finding a pair of frames that both look good and help you see better. Crafted by and for surfers, snowboarders, and dirt bikers, these functional and stylish lenses are placed into sturdy frames that you can take along for the ride. Don’t sacrifice comfort for style. Lumalens technology optimizes color and reduces glare, paired with goggle styles designed with the feedback from fellow boarders like Jamie Lynn and Shane Dorian. Find more than eyewear. Find your Frame of Mind. READ MORE

Dragon Replacement Lenses

Through the wear and tear of your everyday, you may need a new pair of lenses for your frames. More likely you know it’s time to switch your Lumalens with another color. You can see the difference Lumalens makes and you’re looking for the edge in every lighting condition nature thinks it can throw your way. Or maybe your eyes can’t see like they used to and you’re shopping for a prescription for the first time. No matter what, if you need Dragon, we’ve got your Dragon right here.

Dragon Prescription Lenses

Shopping for prescription eyewear online can suck, because websites treat your prescription like it can be tacked onto their shopping process without any thought for you. Their customer support is farmed out to call centers reading off a flow chart to get you to convert into a sale. What’s up with that? Look no further for all your prescription needs. We’re with you every step of the way with snippets, tooltips, and videos built into your shopping experience, so an answer is only a click away. If you need a little more assurance, you can contact us to speak with one of our certified opticians.

We know you want to get out there and enjoy what you love right now, so we streamlined the process for filling out your prescription. Shop now and find the perfect replacement lenses. We’ll ask for an up-to-date prescription at the end of checkout. Enter your prescription online in our simple two-step process, and with a click of a button, you’ll be all set. We know you’re busy, so you can always send it to us later, even after checkout. We’ll remind you, so we can get your new lenses to you as soon as possible.

SportRx Worry-Free Shipping & Easy Returns

Let’s talk about shopping online for replacement lenses. It’s tricky to know if it’s exactly what we’re looking for. Nothing should hold you back from seeing clearly, and we back you with our See Better Guarantee. Take 45 days to try your new lenses and if you’re not happy, we’ll cover shipping for the return or an exchange towards new lenses that’ll put a smile on your face.

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