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Dragon Prescription Sunglasses, Goggles, & Glasses

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Sun. Snow. Water. Dirt. No matter your playground, Dragon Eyewear will always capture your intense passion for the extreme lifestyle. Here at SportRx, we understand what you are looking for. You want the active and extreme lifestyle. We've got you covered. Shop our expansive collection of Dragon eyewear, and be sure to find a pair of glasses or goggles that are sure to surpass your expectations.

The Dragon Lumalens

Lumalens is the lens technology that Dragon prides themselves in. The basis of this lens technology is that it optimizes color and offered high definition optics across the entire spectrum. Dragon wants to give the consumer increased contrast, pinpoint depth perception and dense color vividness. Overall the Lumalens optimized color technology does all of this to the lenses and, on top of that, significantly reduces eye fatigue. See clearer and easier with the Lumalens technology.

Dragon Replacement Shields

For all you Dragon snow goggle fanatics out there, get replacement shields for your favorite Dragon goggles. With the wear and tear that can occur on the mountain, especially for frequent snowboarders, we want to give you the option to just replace the shield instead of having to buy a completely different pair of goggles! For prescription lenses, we offer replacements for all goggles, sunglasses and other eyewear.

Dragon Prescription Sunglasses, Goggles, & Glasses Online

If you have a passion for adventure and need a little help in the seeing department, we can help you out with a pair of Dragon prescription sunglasses, glasses or Rx goggles. The SportRx opticians will gladly cater to your vision needs with the best prescription lenses for your glasses or prescription goggle inserts, so you can ensure the utmost optical clarity while you do the things you love most. If you have any questions or need a little help finding the pair that’s right for you, please give us a call or LiveChat.

SportRx Worry-Free Shipping & Easy Returns

Ditch the risk of online shopping with the See Better Guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with your Dragon eyewear, don’t worry. Send them back within 45 days and for a full refund or credit towards another purchase. Shipping? Covered both ways.

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  1. Dragon Liege
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    Dragon Liege
  2. Dragon Count
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    Dragon Count
  3. Dragon Monarch
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    Dragon Monarch
  4. Dragon EnduroX
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    Dragon EnduroX
  5. Dragon The Remix
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    Dragon The Remix
  6. Dragon Vantage
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    Dragon Vantage
  7. Dragon Marquis
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    Dragon Marquis
  8. Dragon The Jam
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    Dragon The Jam
  9. Dragon Andy
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    Dragon Andy
  10. Dragon Seaton
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    Dragon Seaton
  11. Dragon D1 Snow Goggle
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    Dragon D1 Snow Goggle
  12. Dragon D3 Snow Goggle
    Dragon D3 Snow Goggle
  13. Dragon DX Snow Goggle
    10 Colors
    Dragon DX Snow Goggle
  14. Dragon DXS Snow Goggle
    12 Colors
    Dragon DXS Snow Goggle
  15. Dragon Rogue Snow Goggle
    10 Colors
    Dragon Rogue Snow Goggle
  16. Dragon X1 Snow Goggle
    18 Colors
    Dragon X1 Snow Goggle
  17. Awards
    Dragon X2 Snow Goggle
    17 Colors
    Dragon X2 Snow Goggle
  18. Dragon Aiden
    4 Colors
    Dragon Aiden
  19. Dragon Baile
    3 Colors
    Dragon Baile
  20. Dragon Barrett
    2 Colors
    Dragon Barrett
  21. Dragon Ben
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    Dragon Ben