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Shield Sunglasses

Shield Sunglasses are sunglasses that are composed of one continuous lens spanning the distance normally covered by two separate sunglass lenses and a nose bridge. Shield sunglasses often have the shield cut and finished from exactly one piece of lens material, whereas traditional sunglasses may utilize multiple lens elements. In rare cases, two lenses are fused together side-to-side to create a shield lens, but this manufacturing method leaves an unsightly seam with some distortion as well. READ MORE

Why Shield Sunglasses?

Shield-style sunglasses are popular sport sunglasses prized for their unparalleled field of vision, lightness, and easy on-and-off design. Most shield frames either only have frame material at the temple, or occasionally on top of the frame. There is usually negligible frame material along the bottom of the frame as that typically inhibits a maximum field of vision. This is how shield lenses achieve the best FOV.

Shield Sunglasses Enhance Depth Perception & Peripheral Vision

Because the shield sunglass lenses stretch continuously across a wearer’s face, it is possible to have an enhanced field of vision in front of the sunglass frame’s nose bridge.

Normally the field of vision in front of the nose bridge is cut off, and prevents quality perception of depth, because with closer distances the brain is only processing an image from one eye. Shield sunglasses allow vision directly in front of the wearer’s nose bridge, enabling a stereoscopic view of the road ahead, enhancing depth perception.

Shield sunglasses also enhance peripheral vision because the lack of rims along the edges of the lens means an obstructed view of the environment and any important subjects, such as a ball, other players, even pedestrians, bikes, and cars.

Polarized Shield Sunglasses

Polarized shield sunglasses apply a layer of polarization to shield lenses that removes horizontal waves of light which cuts glare and making objects in the field of vision easier to see. Shields have the added bonus of offering the most unobstructed vision, and when coupled with polarization technology, offers the most unobstructed glare cutting than other sunglasses.

Shield Sunglasses Lens and Frame Materials

Typically, the lens material and frame material used in polarized shield style sunglasses are from different materials. Polycarbonate,Trivex and occasionally nylon for lenses, and plastic, nylon, or grilamid for frame or temple materials.

Prescription Shield Sunglasses Online

Occasionally prescription shield sunglasses can be created by fusing a shield lens with a prescription portion. Oakley makes the best solution, and Bolle offers the only other available prescription sunglass shield solution. Both can be head in either polarized or non-polar variants. Contact us if you’re interested in this unique solution for shield sunglasses.

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Forget about the risk of online shopping when you shop with us. You’re backed by the See Better Guarantee. So take 45 days to try you new shield sunglasses. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, send them back for a full refund or your choice of credit towards a better pair or another future purchase. And shipping? It’s covered both ways.

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