Clubmaster Glasses

Although you may not know them as “Clubmasters," Ray-Ban Clubmaster glasses are a classic style that’s both retro and timeless. Many people might think that Ray-Ban Clubmaster eyeglasses are from the 50s, but they are based on a style of glasses called “browlines" which first debuted in 1947. They weren’t called “Clubmasters" until Bruce Willis wore a pair of browline sunglasses in the mid 80s on the TV series “Moonlighting." Ray-Ban saw the popularity of Willis’ glasses and hence the Clubmaster series was created. So while technically the style of Clubmaster glasses WERE worn in the 1950s, the name Clubmaster didn’t come about until the 1980s. READ MORE

What are Clubmaster Glasses?

While you might not recognize them by name, you would most likely recognize a pair of Ray-Ban Clubmaster prescription glasses if you saw them. Much like browline glasses, Clubmaster prescription glasses feature a thicker upper frame with a much thinner frame around the bottom. In most versions of the Clubmaster the upper portion of the frame — also known as the brow or cap — is made from a thick plastic or acetate that is also used on the temples. The rest of the frame, including the eyewires and the bridge, are generally made of metal. Traditionally, Clubmaster glasses were designed with black or tortoiseshell upper frames with gold or silver rims.

What Face Shape for Clubmaster Glasses?

In the past, Clubmaster glasses came in standard black/tortoiseshell/gold/silver combinations. Clubmaster glasses now come in a pretty wide range of color combinations, sizes, and variations. This makes Clubmasters a popular style of glasses for most face shapes, sizes, and complexions. Worn by top Hollywood actors, intellectuals, hipsters, and just all-around stylish dressers alike, Clubmasters are great for those looking to make a more refined fashion statement. Clubmasters are an especially good option to wear with business attire, but they transition perfectly to casual wear as well.

Prescription Clubmaster Glasses Online

SportRx was created in 1996 by opticians dedicated to delivering nothing but the best custom prescription glasses. In fact, when you call us for assistance, you will hear from one of our in-house opticians. We get it. There are a lot of questions when it comes to ordering prescription eyewear, even just interpreting the prescription that was written by your doctor.

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Filling out your prescription is quick and simple. When you check out, you can fax, email, or upload your up-to-date prescription online. Even if you don’t have it ready, you can do it later. We’ll email a reminder so you can get your prescription clubmasters as soon as possible.

SportRx Worry-Free Shipping & Easy Returns

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