Ray-Ban® Meta Smart Glasses

Snap photos, record videos, send messages, answer calls, and stream music—all without touching your phone. Live in the moment with Ray-Ban Meta glasses, the latest generation of smart eyewear.READ MORE

What Are Ray-Ban Smart Glasses?

Ray-Ban Meta is the latest wearable technology from Ray-Ban and Meta. These smart glasses expand upon the features of Ray-Ban Stories—the brand’s first generation of smart glasses. Designed for your everyday life, Meta glasses offer everything from hands-free calling to livestreaming directly to Instagram and Facebook. They also have an AI assistant that is easily activated via voice command. Keep reading to see all the features of Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses.

Ray-Ban Meta Glasses Features

  • Photo and Video Capture: Take high-quality photos with an ultra-wide 12 MP camera located on the front of the glasses’ temple. Record videos for up to 60 seconds in 1080p. Easily share your photos with friends and family with hands-free messaging.

  • Hands-Free Calling & Messaging: Take and make phone calls with voice commands. Send messages via WhatsApp, Messenger, and Google Messages hands-free.

  • Audio Listening: Listen to your favorite podcasts and playlists with open-ear audio. Two speakers located in the temples provide high quality sound, while also letting you hear the sounds around you for safety. The Spotify Tap™ integrations let you stream your music without a hassle. You can easily adjust volume by sliding your finger along the side of the temple.

  • Livestreaming: Livestream directly to Facebook and Instagram. Begin a livestream within your social media app. One live, you can swap back and forth between your phone camera’s POV and your smart glasses’ POV.

  • Meta AI: Get the answers to all your questions with the help of the Meta AI voice-activated assistant. Simply say, “Hey Meta” followed by a question and Meta AI will respond to you via the temple speakers. You can also view each one of your AI questions and answers within the Meta View app.

To learn more about how these glasses work, read our Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses Complete Guide.

Ray-Ban Meta Glasses Models

Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses currently come in two models: Wayfarer and Headliner. The Wayfarer looks very similar to the classic, standard Wayfarer sunglasses and is available in two sizes. The Headliner is a brand-new style for Ray-Ban. It blends the shapes of the iconic Wayfarer and retro Round, for a unique and on-trend look. It features a keyhole bridge and is available in one size.

Ray-Ban also introduced new colorways for the Meta Collection. Caramel and Jeans are available in matte and shiny finishes that are slightly transparent so you can see the tech inside the frame.

Shop Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses with Free Shipping & Free Returns

At SportRx your purchase is covered by the See Better Guarantee. You have 45 days to try your Ray-Ban smart glasses. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, send them back for a full refund or exchange. If you have any questions about Ray-Ban smart glasses, just give us a call! We have friendly opticians available six days a week.

Ray-Ban Smart Glasses FAQs

Is Ray-Ban Meta Better Than Ray-Ban Stories?

Ray-Ban Meta improves upon the camera and audio quality of Ray-Ban Stories. Meta has a better camera, more camera storage, enhanced spatial audio, longer battery life, and a smaller case. It also has new features Stories doesn’t, including the Meta AI assistant and livestreaming capability.

Are Ray-Ban Stories Discontinued?

Yes. Ray-Ban Meta has replaced Ray-Ban Stories.

Are Ray-Ban Meta Glasses Heavy?

With the amount of tech features these glasses offer, they are surprisingly lightweight. They are also comparable in size to standard Ray-Ban sunglasses. They don’t look or feel bulky.

Do I Need An App To Use Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses?

Yes. Download the free Meta View app from your online app store. The app instructs you how to set up your smart glasses, which easily connect to your phone via Bluetooth.

How Do I View The Photos And Videos I Took With Meta Smart Glasses?

Easily view all your content within the Meta View app. Connect your glasses to your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can see all your photos and videos within the Meta View app gallery and easily export to Instagram, Facebook, or your phone’s camera roll.

What Is The Battery Life Of Ray-Ban Meta Glasses?

You can get up to 4 hours of continuous use within a single glasses charge. Easily charge your glasses in the charging case. Charge the case itself as well, for extra battery life on the go. With a fully charged case, you can get up to 32 hours of use.

Does SportRx Have Ray-Ban Meta Glasses With Prescription?

Currently SportRx does not sell Ray-Ban Meta with prescription.

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