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Based on Vancouver’s legendary North Shore for over 30 years, we design and test our eyewear to perform in the most demanding conditions. From our revolutionary antiFOG lenses to our most casual-looking glasses, our mission is to enhance your outdoor experiences with innovations that redefine the capabilities of sports eyewear. 

RYDERS antiFOG is available in RX!

Finally, prescription sport eyewear you can leave on your face! Fog can make some things better. A horror movie is one of those things. The livelihood of your local fog horn operator is another. For most situations however, fog doesn’t help. And when it’s on your lenses it can be downright dangerous. Whether you’re grinding through a tight, twisty climb or simply waiting at an intersection, fogged lenses have always been an unfortunate inevitability when wearing sports eyewear. The RYDERS antiFOG lens is the ultimate solution to this all-too-common problem—and you don’t have to take our word for it. See the media section of our website for the growing list of antiFOG reviews that have been published by some of the biggest titles in outdoor media. FOG-RESISTANT BACK The back of each antiFOG lens has a military grade, hydrophilic layer. This layer absorbs and disperses water vapour/humidity throughout the material, greatly reducing the opportunity for it to condense on the surface as fog. The RYDERS antiFOG lens will absorb more water vapour than any non-military-grade fog-resistant treatment and it’s far more durable, never requiring re-application. HYDROPHOBIC FRONT The front of the lens needs to overcome an entirely different set of challenges than the back, so it only makes sense that it’s treated independently with a hydrophobic coating. This coating sheds water and grime to provide a clear view, free from large drops and watermarks. It does this by being so smooth that it’s effectively too slippery for water and dirt to stick to the lens.

SportRx Shipping & Return Policy

We’re confident that you’ll love your new RYDERS but we know that there’s a chance—however slim—that things sometimes don’t work out as expected. If you find you’re not as blown away by your RYDERS as you had hoped, no need to worry! Just send back your glasses within 45 days for a full refund. We’ll even cover the shipping. Our See Better Guarantee has you covered.

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