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Bobster Eyewear is built tough. Whether you're in law enforcement, a member of the military, or looking for a pair of motorcycle goggles to protect your eyes from debris on the road, Bobster glasses and Bobster goggles are specifically designed for your safety and eye protection. Bobster eyewear features versatile designs that are built for staring down the scope or cruising the streets. Shop the best Bobster sunglasses and goggles online at SportRx and be sure to find the best pair of Bobster eyewear for your needs.  

Bobster Prescription Sunglasses & Bobster Prescription Goggles

If you're in need of some prescription safety eyewear, the SportRx opticians will gladly combine their prescription expertise with the solid designs of Bobster sunglasses or Bobster goggles. The result? The best pair of Bobster prescription eyewear that'll be sure to exceed your Rx safety expectations.

Our Awesome Shipping & Return Policy

If your Bobster sunglasses or goggles aren't 100% perfect, feel free to ship them back. As long as we receive them back within 45 days, we will fully refund you or give you credit for another purchase of safety eyewear, prescription safety eyewear, or anything else online SportRx! Free Shipping and Easy returns, since ’96!

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