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Anon Replacement Lenses & Anon Prescription Lenses

Anon has vaulted into the top tier of snow goggles in the past few years because of their improved technology and overall quality. If any of you watched Shaun White in the 2018 Olympics, he was riding with the Anon M3 goggles and was able to capture gold in the halfpipe finals. Anon replacement lenses are even more common than any of the other brands because of their exceptional technology. READ MORE

As for most of their goggles, the M3 and M4 have an interchangeability system that is second to none in the industry. It’s called MagnaTech and it used magnets to hold the googles in place. In the new Anon M4 goggles there are actually multiple lens shades along with multiple lens shapes. The difference in lens has to go with what kind of weather it is on the slopes for that given day. There are lens tints for overcast days and also for the clear sky days as well. The different lens shapes are cylindrical and toric lens. The difference between the two are purely based off of personal preference on look and style. Anon also has sonar lenses which gives you the most contrast of any goggle on the market for specifically snow conditions. Overall, Anon goggles have the most interchangeable lens system which means that replacement lenses are even more important to have!

Anon Replacement Prescription Lenses & Inserts Online

While Anon does do replacement shields for their goggles, here a SportRx, we specialize in prescription inserts for your goggles. We take your prescription and make an insert out of it and place it in the goggle. The unique thing about the Anon goggles are that when you are interchanging lenses for different conditions, you don’t have to take out the insert, you only have to change the lens. This allows for inserts to never have to move and makes replacement lenses more desirable. We have certified opticians available and on call to help you out with any questions you may have about prescription inserts or Anon Goggles. Feel free to if you need anything. Expect quality products and exceptional customer service at SportRx.

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