Tag Heuer Reflex 3 3941 Rimless 56 Eyesize

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When you order these awesome Authentic lenses in prescription, only the Rx lenses will show up at your door. The non-Rx lenses would have then gone to Non-Rx Lens Heaven, and will therefore not be present.

Our expert team has pre-built several superior lens combinations below for your convenience and enjoyment. These lens combinations have been handpicked by our opticians for optimal performance.

Please note that Non-Prescription Sunglasses cannot be customized. All frame and lens color combinations come stock from their manufacturer.

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Tag Heuer Reflex 3 3941 rimless glasses, 65 eyesize, shine through with its simplicity and classic appearance. These Tag Heuer glasses come in many colors and styles to fit the uniqueness of each individual’s preferences. With a rectangular, rimless frame design, Tag Heuer Reflex 3 glasses keep to its roots of simplicity, yet add a modern touch through the lightweight bridge. Get the best of fashion, function and optical clarity with a pair of Tag Heuer Reflex 3 3941 rimless glasses.

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Includes: Hard Case
Fits: M
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