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square glasses eyeglasses

Square Glasses

Square glasses are characterized as frames with square edges, that typically have equal length on lens width and height. You can find square glasses in a variety of different sizes, which makes them a great option for men and women. Need help deciding which square glasses to get? Make sure to give one of our friendly opticians a call today at SportRx.

Square Glasses for your face shape

Square glasses frames look perfect on people with a round or oval-shaped face. A good rule to live by when buying glasses online is to buy ones that are opposite your face shape. For example, if you have a square or diamond face shape then oval glasses are the ones for you. By using the filers on the left you can find the perfect pair of square glasses for your face shape. Please give us a call if you are having a tough time deciding.

Prescription Square Glasses Online

Shop online for square prescription glasses today at SportRx. From transition to anti-reflective coatings, you can customize the perfect pair of prescription square glasses. Feel free to contact one of our certified opticians today and they will be happy to help guide you into the best lens combination possible for your prescription square glasses.

SportRx Worry-Free Shipping & Easy Returns

When shopping online for square glasses we want you to know that SportRx has your back at every step of the way. Our see better guarantee policy gives you 45 days after receiving the square glasses to test them on and make sure they are everything you expected. If on the off chance you are not 100% satisfied with your order, please do not panic. Our policy will allow you to exchange the glasses for something you love even more or a simple refund.

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  1. OnGuard by Hilco OG144
    2 Colors
    OnGuard by Hilco OG144
  2. Oakley Crosslink Switch 55 Eyesize
    3 Colors
    Oakley Crosslink Switch 55 Eyesize
  3. Oakley Splinter 54 Eyesize (Asian Fit)
    3 Colors
    Oakley Splinter 54 Eyesize (Asian Fit)
  4. Oakley Truss Rod
    3 Colors
    Oakley Truss Rod
  5. Oakley Taunt
    8 Colors
    Oakley Taunt
  6. Oakley Taildrop
    2 Colors
    Oakley Taildrop
  7. Oakley Standpoint
    6 Colors
    Oakley Standpoint
  8. Oakley Litebeam
    5 Colors
    Oakley Litebeam
  9. Oakley Gauge 3.2 Blade
    4 Colors
    Oakley Gauge 3.2 Blade
  10. Nike 8098
    4 Colors
    Nike 8098
  11. Nike 7878AF
    3 Colors
    Nike 7878AF
  12. Nike 7243
    4 Colors
    Nike 7243
  13. Nike 7231
    2 Colors
    Nike 7231
  14. Nike 7230
    2 Colors
    Nike 7230
  15. Nike 7083UF (Asian Fit)
    4 Colors
    Nike 7083UF (Asian Fit)
  16. Nike 5005
    4 Colors
    Nike 5005
  17. Nike 5002
    6 Colors
    Nike 5002
  18. Nike 4258
    5 Colors
    Nike 4258
  19. Kate Spade Lucyann
    6 Colors
    Kate Spade Lucyann
  20. Kate Spade Catrina
    7 Colors
    Kate Spade Catrina
  21. Kate Spade Aisha 2
    2 Colors
    Kate Spade Aisha 2