Rimless Glasses

Rimless glasses come in two varieties, an indoor-office time rimless eyeglass, and an outdoor-sporty rimless sport glasses frame. Rimless eyeglasses tend to have a minimalist temple, a barely-there bridge, light and petite nosepads, and can be constructed primarily out of acetate or meta commonly used such as aluminum, steel, or magnesium. These frames are meant to be more refined and blend with a professional environment. READ MORE

Sport rimless glasses tend to have such features as rubberized nose pads, rubberized temple tips, polycarbonate or trivex lenses, and a very low-profile bridge, thin and light temples, and no framing around the lenses. Sport rimless glasses are designed to stay on the head regardless of alignment with the ground or shifts in momentum common to athletic use. While many rimless sport glasses are worn in less than daring environments, well designed rimless glasses from companies such as Oakley, Maui Jim, Costa, Smith, Wiley X, Tifosi, SunCloud often find their way onto the faces of both the serious sports-person as well as occasional weekend warrior.

What Are Best Materials for Rimless Glasses

Rimless eyeglasses can be produced in glass, polycarbonate, trivex, or a high index polycarbonate. Due to the nature of most rimless frames being used in sport or near-sport activities, glass is an uncommon rimless glasses material for active users. However, any of the materials, including glass, polycarbonate, trivex, or high index can be utilized in both sport and non-sport applications. High index rimless eyeglasses tend to see their application in office or indoor environments, or in the home. A high index rimless eyeglass will weigh less than a polycarbonate rimless eyeglass, which is in turn lighter than a glass-based rimless pair of eyeglasses. Trivex is a stronger, clearer version of polycarbonate, and is considered a premium lens product, particularly when used in rimless eyewear.

What to Look For In Rimless Glasses

When it comes to looking for the best rimless glasses, it helps to locate frames that fit your face well and also have technologies that help you with the environments you find yourself in the most. Rimless glasses and sunglasses can often work with a variety of face shapes as the lenses come in both squared off and round versions, which cover most of faces.

Polarization and Lens Technologies

Finding the right rimless frame technology is also about identifying whether polarization makes sense, and also identifying which lens color bases and branded lens technologies work best for you. The top brands also have top-end lens technology that provides enhanced contrast, reduces eye strain, and mitigates long term eye fatigue.

Shapes of Rimless Glasses

Prescription rimless glasses and sunglasses are available in a myriad of shapes including rectangular, square, round, oval, and aviator. Additional shapes may be available through special order or by contacting a SportRx optician. Rectangular and square rimless lenses and frames often pair well with a round face. Round, oval, and aviator rimless glasses tend to pair well with more angular or square faces.

Rimless Readers

Rimless readers have an effortless air about them, with sleek temples and a minimalist bridge you won’t notice from the inside out. The best rimless readers are from Maui Jim. Maui readers feature varying degrees of contrast and light transmission depending on color of the lens and application. All rimless Maui reader lenses are polycarbonate, a Maui Jim proprietary hard coat silicone-based material that protects lenses, fights scratches, and minimizes distortion. While Maui Jim glass lenses are higher in scratch resistance, polycarbonate is lighter and thus more likely to be worn, as opposed to removed, because of fatigue. Maui Jim reader polycarbonate naturally resists shattering and also features enhanced scratch resistance with optically correct outer protection layer, CLEARSHELL®.

The most popular Maui Jim rimless readers include Maui Jim’s Ho’okipa reader, Makaha reader, Alaka’i reader, Hanalei reader, Banyans reader, and Kanaha reader. Costa Del Mar also makes high quality readers for wearers who need protection from sun, wind, and salt spray. Some of the best Costa readerse include the Costa Ballast and Costa Galveston reader.

Prescription Rimless Glasses Online

Personalize your own rimless prescription glasses online with the help of video guides and tooltips. Even expert advice is at your fingertips. When you contact us, you’ll hear from one of our in-house opticians who can help you complete your order.

Filling out your prescription with us is simple. At checkout, you can fax, email, or even upload your up-to-date prescription online. Don’t have it ready? No problem. Do it later. We’ll even send you a reminder email so you can get your rimless glasses as soon as possible.

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