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Men's Sunglasses & Prescription Sunglasses

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Whether you're looking for a functional pair of sports sunglasses, or a pair of shades to complement your latest look, our collection of men’s sunglasses will satisfy your needs. With a variety of frame designs and unbeatable lens technologies, the men’s sunglasses we carry will exceed your expectations. From Adidas and Costa to Oakley, SMITH, and everything in between, you can shop the best men’s sunglass brands online at SportRx.  

Mens Prescription Sunglasses Online

If you're shopping for men’s prescription sunglasses online, look no further. Really. The other guys don’t know what they’re doing with their call-center farms and scripted flow charts. They make it so difficult to get an answer and expect you to buy.

What you need are answer at your fingertips. Shop with us where qualified answer from certified opticians are just a click away. Your time is valuable and you don’t have any to waste hunting for answers that should be readily available.

The expert opticians at SportRx get the biggest enjoyment out of fitting your prescription into your favorite pair of sport or lifestyle men’s sunglasses. If you have questions about how prescription sunglasses work, or where to find the perfect pair that perfectly cater to your needs, we're here 7 days a week.

SportRx Worry-Free Shipping & Easy Returns

Wearing your new sunglasses is all about confidence. But shopping for eyewear online, probably doesn’t inspire much. We’ve measured the dimensions of every frame we sell to give you accurate information on fit. At the end of the day though, only you know what fits and makes you feel comfortable.

Take 45 days to feel out your sunglasses with our See Better Guarantee. If you don’t love them we’ll cover return shipping to give you a full refund or credit for the pair you’re looking for.

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  1. 7Eye Taku
    4 Colors
    7Eye Taku
  2. 7Eye Taku Plus
    5 Colors
    7Eye Taku Plus
  3. 7Eye Ventus
    4 Colors
    7Eye Ventus
  4. 7Eye Viento
    6 Colors
    7Eye Viento
  5. 7Eye Bali
    3 Colors
    7Eye Bali
  6. 7Eye Bora + Adaptor
    2 Colors
    7Eye Bora + Adaptor
  7. 7Eye Buran
    3 Colors
    7Eye Buran
  8. 7Eye Cape
    6 Colors
    7Eye Cape
  9. 7Eye Chubasco
    5 Colors
    7Eye Chubasco
  10. 7Eye Churada
    9 Colors
    7Eye Churada
  11. 7Eye Cody
    4 Colors
    7Eye Cody
  12. 7Eye Cyclone
    4 Colors
    7Eye Cyclone
  13. 7Eye Diablo
    8 Colors
    7Eye Diablo
  14. 7Eye Maestro
    6 Colors
    7Eye Maestro
  15. 7Eye Rocker
    3 Colors
    7Eye Rocker
  16. 7Eye Whirlwind
    3 Colors
    7Eye Whirlwind
  17. Adidas AD08 Evil Eye Halfrim L
    6 Colors
    Adidas AD08 Evil Eye Halfrim L
  18. Adidas A180 Evil Eye Half Pro XS
    1 Color
    Adidas A180 Evil Eye Half Pro XS
  19. Adidas A181 Evil Eye Halfrim Pro L
    1 Color
    Adidas A181 Evil Eye Halfrim Pro L
  20. Adidas A189 Tycane Pro L
    4 Colors
    Adidas A189 Tycane Pro L
  21. Adidas A407 Duramo S
    1 Color
    Adidas A407 Duramo S