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Embark on thrilling adventures and immerse yourself in the world of Zeal Optics. Experience visual clarity that unveils serene moments in breathtaking detail and see the world in ways you never imagined.READ MORE


Zeal Optics goes beyond providing amazing eyewear. They take on the responsibility of protecting the landscapes we explore by producing environmentally-focused products. Most Zeal sunglasses are made from Z-Resin and L-Lite, which is crafted from versatile castor bean oil. This material contains a minimum of 45% plant-based material* and provides an incredibly durable and lightweight alternative for more comfortable everyday wear and activities. In their commitment to reduce the footprint of every product theymake, Zeal Optics goggle frames are made from 100% recycled TPU and PC/ABS and their straps and goggle bags contain a minimum of 70% recycled PET.

Zeal Lens Technology


Ellume Polarized

Ellume Polarized Color Filtration revolutionizes the way you see color. This high-purity lens filters specific wavelengths of colors, so reds, greens, and blues vibrantly pop, enhancing every view. This process eliminates color confusion, allowing you to see the world’s natural colors with greater clarity and contrast with Ellume Polarized.

Ellume Polarized blocks glare that dulls color and causes eye fatigue and sensitivity, which disrupts your experience outdoors. Ellume Polarized comprehensively filters HEV light and blocks 100% of harmful UVA/B, which are linked to Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and the formation of cataracts.



This lens is named Optimum for a reason—well, with a mountain of tech in every lens, a whole bunch of reasons. Optimum color filtration for unrivaled contrast, mind-blowing color pops and next-level clarity. Industry-leading Everclear Anti-Fog that never wipes off. 100% protection from harmful UV rays. Optical grade hard coat and hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings.

Optimum Polarized

Optimum Polarized has all the features of Zeal’s Optimum lenses with the added bonus of premium polarized protection for a glare-free view of the terrain while highlighting ice and hardpack. Zeal's Japanese-made polarized lens is designed for snow sports. While it blocks 99.9% of reflected light, this premium technology provides crystal clear contrast of the run ahead while allowing you to effortlessly avoid icy patches.

Optimum Polarized Automatic+

Yup, it's true; Zeal took the best of the best and made it even better. Zeal’s patented Automatic+ lenses have all the features of their Optimum and Optimum Polarized Collections + photochromic technology, so your lens automatically adjusts color and tint in changing light conditions. While other photochromic lenses go to their darkest state in every condition, Automatic+ delivers a unique tint for every condition so you never have to change your lens again.


Zeal Optics has crafted a line of goggles that excel in snowy conditions. Some of the amazing features found in Zeal goggles are:

  • Everclear Anti-Fog: Everclear Anti-Fog is a hydrophilic infusion which can’t be wiped off and resists fogging for more than 220 seconds, ten times the industry standard.
  • All-Day Comfort: Triple-layer face foam provides a soft barrier between the goggle deck and your face.
  • Stays in Place: Triple-beaded silicon strap coatings grip onto your helmet.
  • Personalized Fit: Dual strap system adjusts the strap size.


    Pursue the thrill of enhanced exploration with Zeal Optics ‌prescription sunglasses. They’ll be your trusted companion as you embark on your next journey and create memories that last a lifetime. All Zeal prescription sunglass lenses come with a polarized and antireflective coating to eliminate glare and reduce UV exposure.

    Zeal Optics is a proud part of the Maui Jim family and produces all of its Adventure Ready 2.GO digitally processed lenses in Maui Jim’s indutry-leading prescription lab. This lab is a closed-loop system and recycles all of its fluids and waste!


    Enhance your visual experience on the slopes with SportRx prescription goggle inserts. They fit into your Zeal goggle ventilation system and provide clear vision without fogging or discomfort.


    If you are not satisfied with your Zeal Optics purchase, don’t worry! You’re backed by the See Better Guarantee. Try your Zeal eyewear ‌for up to 45 days. If you’re not satisfied, send them back for a full refund or credit towards a future purchase. And return shipping? Covered.

    Ignite your nomadic spirit and discover the perfect blend of performance, style, and sustainability with Zeal Optics today!

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