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VonZipper Replacement Prescription Lenses

Exploding with personality and style, VonZipper is a brand that got its start in sunny California nearly two decades ago with a do-it-yourself mentality. Since then, VonZipper has grown into a company that develops, designs and delivers premium eyewear, among other accessories and apparel. Find VonZipper eyewear products such as goggles, replacement lenses and prescription lenses at SportRx today. READ MORE

How Interchangeable Are The VonZipper Lenses?

VonZipper produces a number of different eyewear products, including glasses, sunglasses, and goggles. With so many options, it’s important to note that replacement lenses for VonZipper products must match the frame or goggle. This means that the lens for one VonZipper product may not necessarily fit the frame or goggle of a different VonZipper product, so you will need to make sure the lens you’d like to switch out was made for the respective frame or goggle. With that said, VonZipper provides a number of lens options for each frame or goggle product, so you will be able to select from a variety of colors for a replacement lens.

Is There a Difference Between VonZipper Lenses for Snow Goggles?

When hitting the slopes, it’s important to have the right snow goggles to fit your needs and concerns. VonZipper has a full line of snow goggles featuring different specs, so you’ll be able to find the perfect one to match your style. Each goggle has varying features, but most include 100% UV protection and an anti-fog and hard coated lens, an absolute must in the snowy mountains. Some are made with different materials such as a cylindrical injected polycarbonate lens for those needing extended peripheral vision. The most distinct lens from the VonZipper collection is the WildLife Lens, which provides ultimate visual clarity in your goggle’s optics with a contrast enhancement filter that dramatically improves color brightness and contours in all lighting conditions. With 100% polarization, you’ll be able to better identify all of the obstacles, transitions and terrain variations in each run.

VonZipper Replacement Lenses and Prescription Lenses

Get the prescription lenses you need for your VonZipper eyewear at SportRx. As a company that specializes in prescription lenses for all eyewear, we can complete your order for you quickly and easily. Looking for replacement lenses for your VonZipper snow goggles? SportRx can customize inserts for them at no hassle to you. Simply select the VonZipper snow goggles you’d like to purchase, and let us know your prescription information. We also have a team of friendly optometrists available to help you along the way.

SportRx Worry-Free Shipping & Easy Returns

Not 100% satisfied with your replacement lens or prescription lens? Simply send them back within 45 days of receipt for a full refund or store credit. Don’t worry about shipping fees; we’ll cover that as part of our See Better Guarantee. That’s our promise to you, so you can spend less time fussing over fees and spend more time getting back out on the slopes.

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