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mens spy goggles

Mens SPY Goggles & SPY Prescription Goggle Inserts

Created for the cool and confident, SPY Optic makes a bold statement with every frame. The creators of SPY continue to collaborate with athletes, designers, and creative enthusiasts to craft untouchably unique products that fit their mantra of "See Happy. Be Happy."  

SPY Happy Lens Technology

By bringing in the good rays and leaving out the bad, SPY Happy Lens technology works to enhance happiness while you do what you love. The exclusive Happy Lens technology is the only lens on the market which harnesses the benefits of long-wave blue light while still protecting your eyes and enhancing clarity and definition. Whether you have a passion for bombin' down the mountain on a fresh powder day, cruisin' through a sheet of glass during an evening boat ride, chillin’ on the beach, or whippin' through fresh dirt tracks SPY goggles can make doing what you love so much more. In addition to increasing your overall happiness (serotonin) levels, SPY Happy Lenses work to filter out the bad blue light rays that can damage your eyes.

SPY HAPPY Lens has a lens curve that transmits all the awesome rays while blocking out the bad. These good rays create the clearest visual experience possible while giving the body a positive experience even after the goggles are taken off. So not only do you have that burst of happiness after you win that race or climb that mountain, your body experiences an increase in serotonin because of all those good rays you have soaked up while enjoying your favorite activity outdoors.

SPY Prescription Goggles

Need a pair of SPY prescription goggles? Customize your SPY prescription goggles with a wide range of features. From bi-focal and progressive lenses to photochromic lenses, lens tints, and mirror coatings, you can get it all. Call or LiveChat with us with any questions you have about SPY. We're here for you 7 days a week.

SportRx Worry-Free Shipping & Easy Returns

You’re on a mission to get the best eyewear on the planet. Kick risk to the curb when you shop online at SportRx. You’re backed by the See Better Guarantee on all your purchases. Take 45 days with your SPYs. If you’re not 100% satisfied with them, send them back. Get a full refund or your choice of credit towards a better pair or another future purchase. Plus, we got shipping is covered both ways.

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  1. Spy Legacy Snow Goggle
    11 Colors
    Spy Legacy Snow Goggle
  2. Spy Ace Snow Goggle
    7 Colors
    Spy Ace Snow Goggle
  3. Spy Marshall Snow Goggle
    13 Colors
    Spy Marshall Snow Goggle
  4. Spy Bravo Snow Goggle
    9 Colors
    Spy Bravo Snow Goggle
  5. Spy Raider Snow Goggle
    5 Colors
    Spy Raider Snow Goggle
  6. Spy Klutch MX Goggle
    4 Colors
    Spy Klutch MX Goggle
  7. Spy Woot MX Goggle
    5 Colors
    Spy Woot MX Goggle
  8. Spy Whip MX Goggle
    2 Colors
    Spy Whip MX Goggle
  9. Spy Bravo Snow Goggle (Asian Fit)
    2 Colors
    Spy Bravo Snow Goggle (Asian Fit)
  10. Spy Legacy Snow Goggle (Asian Fit)
    3 Colors
    Spy Legacy Snow Goggle (Asian Fit)
  11. Spy Marshall Snow Goggle (Asian Fit)
    3 Colors
    Spy Marshall Snow Goggle (Asian Fit)
  12. Spy Getaway Snow Goggle
    10 Colors
    Spy Getaway Snow Goggle
  13. Spy Targa 3 MX Goggle
    2 Colors
    Spy Targa 3 MX Goggle
  14. SPY Targa Mini Mx Goggle
    1 Color
    SPY Targa Mini Mx Goggle
  15. Spy Woot Race MX Goggle
    7 Colors
    Spy Woot Race MX Goggle
  16. Spy Woot Snow Goggle
    12 Colors
    Spy Woot Snow Goggle
  17. Spy Ace EC Snow Goggle
    1 Color
    Spy Ace EC Snow Goggle
  18. Spy Omen MX Goggle
    3 Colors
    Spy Omen MX Goggle