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SMITH Replacement Lenses & SMITH Prescription Lenses

You have been using your SMITH glasses, goggles, or sunglasses to the max. It might be time to replace your lenses to keep your performance at the top. Why settle for scratches on your lenses? Don’t miss a mogul, wave, or turn with SMITH replacement lenses. READ MORE

What are ChromaPop lenses?

Racing down the mountain, the road, or challenging the open sea, you want to see as clearly. ChromaPop lets you do more by letting you see true color. ChromaPop filters two wavelengths of light to eliminate color confusion and increases definition. From the trail, sea, sand, and snow, there is a ChromaPop lens uniquely designed for every environment.

Is Chromapop available with Polarization?

Not only can you get the best detail with Chromapop technology, you can also add polarization to your lenses. Polarized lenses are coated with a special chemical film that helps reduce the glare of the water, snow or sun. By neutralizing glare, polarized lenses will help you distinguish what’s normally hidden underneath the glare. ChromaPop with polarization is an unbeatable combination. Enhance your sight with SMITH.

SMITH Replacement Prescription Lenses

Your eyes can change over time. Whether you’re getting a prescription for the first time or have an updated prescription, don’t throw away your perfectly good SMITHs. Get your frames with your prescription and see the difference.

Filling out your prescription with us is simple. At checkout, you can fax, email, or upload your up-to-date prescription. Don’t have it available? Send it later. We’ll email a reminder so you can get your replacement prescription lenses as soon as possible.

SportRx Worry-Free Shipping & Easy Returns

Shop without the risk at SportRx. You’re backed by the See Better Guarantee on every purchase you make with us. Take 45 days, and if you’re not satisfied with your replacement lenses, send them back. Get a full refund or your choice of credit towards a better pair or a future purchase. Shipping is covered both ways, too.

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