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Mens SMITH Sunglasses & SMITH Prescription Sunglasses

SMITH sunglasses and SMITH prescription sunglasses are engineered to provide you with a high-definition view of your world. When it comes to SMITH Optics, experience is everything, and SMITH sunglasses are all about capturing that experience with crisp, optically-correct vision. The pioneers at SMITH Optics have been working for decades to innovate state-of-the-art optics in their SMITH sunglasses and SMITH prescription sunglasses, so anyone wearing SMITH frames can get the best out of living life outdoors. Shop SMITH sunglasses online at SportRx.

SMITH sunglasses and SMITH prescription sunglasses integrate top-tier features and materials that result in a premium product designed to withstand time and nature beyond the walls.

SMITH Optics continues building on its collection of impeccable sunglasses, offering outdoor fanatics endless options of fit, style, and function. Whatever your passion may be, there is a SMITH frame for you.

SMITH Prescription Sunglasses

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  1. Smith Barra
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    Smith Barra
  2. Rexy Award
    Smith Attack Max
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    Smith Attack Max
  3. Smith Roam
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    Smith Roam
  4. Smith Crusader
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    Smith Crusader
  5. Smith Guide's Choice
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    Smith Pathway
  6. Smith Caper
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    Smith Pinpoint
  7. Smith Forge
    Smith Forge
  8. Smith Caper
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    Smith Uproar
  9. Smith Lowdown Steel XL
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    Smith Lowdown Steel XL
  10. Smith Rebound Elite
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    Smith Rebound Elite
  11. Smith ODS3 RX Adapter
    Smith ODS3 RX Adapter
  12. Smith Hookshot
    Smith Hookshot
  13. Smith Guide's Choice
    Smith Castaway
  14. Smith Operator's Choice Elite
    Smith Operator's Choice Elite