rudy project replacement lenses prescription

Rudy Project Replacement Prescription Lenses

Rudy Project’s lens technology comes in four forms. Their most iconic is their ImpactX Photochromic Lens, which is bendable and lighter than polycarbonate – ultimately guaranteed to be with you for life. Because it’s semi-rigid, meaning it won’t shatter on impact, these lenses will minimize injuries if you were to fall with them on. Rudy Project is about high tech cool, with their Polar 3FX Polarized Lenses, and their RP Optic Lenses. When you need to see right, their Freeform Form TEK Rx lenses will do the trick. Rudy Project has a lens for all occasions, and we have all the Rudy Project for all your seeing needs. Let READ MORE

Rudy Project Replacement Lenses & Prescription Lenses

Shopping online can be a pain. From finding the right item, to making sure you have the right fit, all the way down to dealing with the shipping and handling. We get it, so shop hassle-free and gear up with us. We simplified the process, included video guides and tooltips, to eliminate headaches. Your eyewear should be on your face, helping you face challenges and see the world in the clearest, distortion-free, color-magnified way, not waiting aimlessly in your shopping cart.

So if you have an up-to-date prescription, go ahead and input it prior to checkout. Don’t have it? Submit it later. We’ll remind you just so we can get you seeing clearly sooner.

Questions? contact us to chat with one of our friendly opticians.

SportRx Worry-Free Shipping & Easy Returns

Along with supporting you and your visual journey, we’re prioritizing getting you seeing clearly so your next adventure is color-filled and sharp in visual clarity. That means reducing any anxiety or stress related to eyewear. With our See Better Guarantee, we’re putting your eyes first, so test out your new eyewear for 45 days. If you’re not happy with your Rudy Project lenses, we’ll take them back to give you a full refund or your option of credit towards a better pair. We’ll even cover shipping both ways.

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