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oakley asian fit sunglasses

Oakley Asian Fit Sunglasses

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Always at the forefront of the glasses game, Oakley found that their customers with particular facial features – mainly lower nose bridges and higher cheeks – were uncomfortable wearing their traditional sunglass designs.

With these common traits, traditional eyeglasses and sunglasses had the tendency to slide down the nose and rest against the cheeks – not comfortable. For that reason, Oakley offers an Asian fit style in almost all its most popular designs, including men’s Oakley Asian fit, women’s Oakley Asian fit, the ever-popular Oakley Holbrook Asian fit sunglasses and Oakley Frogskins Asian fit sunglasses.

What is Oakley Asian Fit?

In order to ensure maximum comfort for everyone, Oakley Asian fit sunglasses and Oakley Asian fit prescription glasses feature deeper, narrower nose bridges, special screws in the nose pads, rounder ear stems, and a reduced frame curvature. These alterations are just to improve the comfort of the glasses and usually won’t alter the look or style of the frames. In fact, most people probably wouldn’t notice the difference between Asian fit and traditional frames (besides the possibility that Asian fit would be more flattering on people with certain facial structures).

What is Oakley Trubridge(MNP) Technology?

Oakley Trubridge, also know as MNP(modular nosepad), Technology is a an interchangeable nosebridge system. Any Trubridge frame comes with four sets of different size nosepad bridges to offer a truly custom fit. Having a wider range of sizes gives you the freedom to find a fit that's perfect for you. The main difference between Trubridge and Asian fit is that Trubridge offers a wider variety of fit solutions, whether it is a bumpy nose, high cheekbones, or a less prominent nosebridge.

What is the Difference Between Oakley Asian Fit and Regular FIt?

Generally, the difference between Oakley Asian fit glasses and traditional Oakley glasses depends on the frame. Most Oakley Asian fit sunglasses are designed with nose pads in a variety of sizes, and come with larger nosepads and special nose pad screws that allow for extra adjustments. Oakley Asian fit sunglasses also have a narrower front curvature (a flatter frame), which can help those who find their glasses are constantly touching their cheeks or their eyelashes are always brushing against the lenses. Some Oakley Asian fit frames also have a rounder curvature of the ear stems than the regular design. Essentially, the difference in each design is that the Asian fit is built up slightly so the frame sits higher on the bridge of the nose and thereby lifts the sunglasses off the face.

What Does Oakley Asian Fit Mean for Ski & Snowboarding Goggles?

Oakley Asian fit goggles have extra foam lining at the nose bridge to compensate for lower-profile noses. Where traditionally designed goggles might leave a gap between a shallower nose bridge and the goggles, Asian fit goggles are made to form a complete seal around the face and keep air, moisture, and snow out – a MUST when you’re out skiing or snowboarding.

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Comfort is one of the top factors to consider when shopping for the perfect pair of sunglasses, and sizing can be hard to determine when shopping online – especially when it comes to Asian fit glasses. If you're not 100% satisfied with your glasses, just send them back free of charge. You’re backed by the See Better Guarantee.

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