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Mens Nike Sunglasses & Nike Prescription Sunglasses

Nike sunglasses and Nike prescription sunglasses are all about providing athletes with ways to see sport better. Whether your passion resides on the golf course, on the baseball diamond, or on a long road to nowhere, Nike sunglasses integrate input from the best-of-the-best to craft the most optimal Nike sport sunglasses.

Nike sunglasses design stems from a progressive mindset and engineered to perform to an athlete's needs. The careful construction of Nike sunglasses and Nike prescription sunglasses incorporates aspects of stability, comfort, adjustability, protection, fit, coverage, and ventilation - so that vision is never an obstacle when an athlete is competing in the sport they love.

Nike Prescription Sunglasses

Need Nike prescription sunglasses? We've got you covered. From Rx baseball and golf sunglasses, to Rx cycling and running sunglasses, sports enthusiasts and opticians alike swear by Nike prescription sunglasses like the Mercurial 6.0, Nike Show X2, Nike Skylon Ace XV, and the Nike Show X2 Golf for elite performance Nike Rx sunglasses at its finest.

Shop our collection of Nike prescription sunglasses, and our sports opticians will be happy to turn your favorite pair of Nike Rx sports shades into the prescription sunglasses of your dreams!

Have questions about buying Nike Rx sunglasses online? No worries! Call or chat with our friendly opticians and they will combine their sports optics expertise to help you find the best Nike prescription sunglasses for your sport and vision needs!

Undecided? Try On Nike Sunglasses Before You Rx 'Em!

Dating comes before marriage. We totally get it. Try on a variety of Nike sunglasses frames before committing to one with your prescription with our Test Ride Program. Call us up if you have questions about trying on Nike sunglasses frames!

If you are in the neighborhood, feel free to stop by our San Diego sunglasses showroom to try on as many Nike frames as your heart desires!

Shop Nike Sunglasses Worry-Free with Our Easy Return Policy

We stand behind the glasses we make for you. If you don't absolutely LOVE your Nike prescription sunglasses, never fear! Send 'em back and we'll remake them for you or give you a 100% refund - with FREE shipping both ways!

In the rare event you decide to have your glasses remade and they're still not workin' out for you, send 'em back for a full refund. It's our See Better Guarantee!

What happens if you order your Nike prescription sunglasses, and then your Rx changes? We have a solution for that too! Send 'em back within 60 days of ordering, and we'll apply a one-time prescription replacement to your prescription lenses. Oh, and one more thing - free shipping both ways is included when you purchase Nike prescription sunglasses online at SportRx!

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  1. Nike Rabid 2
    9 Colors
    Nike Rabid 2
  2. Rexy Award
    Nike Adrenaline 2
    5 Colors
    Nike Adrenaline 2
  3. Rexy Award
    Nike Bandit
    Nike Bandit
  4. Rexy Award
    Nike Show X2
    1 Color
    Nike Show X2
  5. Nike Brazen
    2 Colors
    Nike Brazen Shadow
  6. Nike Brazen
    3 Colors
    Nike Brazen
  7. Nike Tailwind
    2 Colors
    Nike Tailwind
  8. Nike Legend
    2 Colors
    Nike Legend
  9. Nike Trainer
    Nike Cross Trainer
  10. Nike Premier
    4 Colors
    Nike Premier
  11. Nike Flip
    4 Colors
    Nike Flip
  12. Nike Maverick
    1 Color
    Nike Maverick
  13. Nike Maverick Free
    2 Colors
    Nike Maverick Free
  14. Nike Trainer
    3 Colors
    Nike Trainer
  15. Nike Trainer Small
    2 Colors
    Nike Trainer Small
  16. Nike Unrest
    2 Colors
    Nike Unrest
  17. Nike Essential Chaser
    3 Colors
    Nike Essential Chaser
  18. Nike Pivot Six
    3 Colors
    Nike Pivot Six
  19. Nike Pivot Eight
    2 Colors
    Nike Pivot Eight
  20. Nike Legend Small
    3 Colors
    Nike Legend Small