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Native Replacement Prescription Lenses & Native Prescription Lenses

Native gear isn’t about going to find nature, it’s never having left it. Fitness is only a small part of the grand scheme of life. Native is all about choosing the best for your own body, staying true to who you are and maintaining your identity. Look within to see the best of nature around you with Native eyewear READ MORE

. With emphasis on supporting the environment you roam, Native uses materials that support the Earth, from their biodegradable resin and castor bean eyewear, down to the packing materials which come from recycling your shopping bags, plastic bottles, and recycled cardboard, stamped with soy-based inks. You can help maintain the goodness around us, one pair of eyewear at a time.

Native Replacement Lenses & Prescription Lenses

Native doesn’t sacrifice Mother Nature for style, but quality is at the top of their agenda. That’s why your Native lenses feature a 100% polarization efficiency with glare filters to enhance performance. But once you get the best while being eco-friendly, that doesn’t mean you’re limited to one activity. Whether you’re in the brightest to the dimmest of outdoor lights, we’ve got all your Native needs covered. Each new lens will have the standard High Definition Color-Enhancing Filtration as well as the protective coating Native is known for, while remaining light and comfortable for wear and visibility.

We know what you’re thinking. Can online shopping for prescription lenses be anymore complex? From getting the right prescription, to the correct lens color per activity, it’s hard to find the right fit without getting tied down to a complex email chain or worse, a bot that misunderstands your question.

Our certified opticians on the line for you, just go ahead and contact us and they’ll answer any of your questions directly.

We’ve also made the prescription process straightforward so you don’t have to deal with any of the mess. Go ahead and fill out your up-to-date prescription into the form and click ahead to get your eyewear started. Been a while since your last eye check-up? No worries. You can add your prescription later. We’ll send you an email reminding you, so you can get your Native replacements lenses sooner.

SportRx Worry-Free Shipping & Easy Returns

Look what came in the mail! You’re new lenses! As you try them on, you might not be sure if they’re the right fit for you. Take a look in the mirror. Ask a friend! Test them out from any distance because you’ve got 45 days, thanks to our See Better Guarantee. We want to make sure you’re happy and seeing clearly with your new lenses, and that means if it’s not right, we’ll cover the shipping for the return.

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