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Electric Replacement Lenses & Electric Prescription Lenses

Electric draws on the high-energy, active California culture, and is inspired by the ‘80s, catering to not just skate, surf, and snow, but to art and music as well. They’re fearless, they’re what’s new and what’s next. Think of Electric as the group making stylish gear that performs for everybody. Electric powers a new era, and is all about having a good time. If you’re all about having a style that’s fresh, one step ahead of the crowd, along with quality and function, Electric is for you. Get started at Electric eyewear READ MORE

Electric Replacement Lenses & Electric Prescription Lenses

If you need a new pair of lenses, we have all the resources to help the process be as painless as possible. You can switch out your goggle lenses for a different one to adjust to different light conditions, or a new activity. With a wide range of color options as well as light optimizing technology, Electric lenses are catered to what you need. After all, your lenses for golf won’t be as helpful for a morning surf session. Or maybe somethings that used to be clear aren’t quite so easy to see anymore. Either way, we’ve got all your Electric needs covered.

Getting a new pair of glasses can be a chore online, especially if you have questions or run into confusing software. Let’s not even get started on customer service lines that take ages to respond to your emails and ultimately make the situation more confusing. But it doesn’t have to be. From tutorial videos to a live chat, we’ll be with you every step of the way. Don’t get tied up in an endless email chain. If you contact us our certified opticians can give you direct help.

If you have your most updated prescription, you can go ahead and enter it straight in with your purchase at the end of checkout. We know you don’t want to spend hours trying to get your perfect pair of eyewear. So, we made the process as straightforward as we could in our two-step process. Shoot. Don’t have your prescription right now? You can always send it to us later, even if you checked out already. We’ll even send you a reminder and you’ll see clearly in no time.

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So you have your new lenses. Now what? Well, we want to make sure you love it, in both form and function. Try them out for 45 days, and if something doesn’t feel right, we back you with our See Better Guarantee. We’ll cover shipping and exchange for new lenses so you can clear life’s next obstacle.

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