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With adidas women's sunglasses, it won't matter if you're backpacking high up in the Alps, or skiing down an amazing powder run in the sunshine. What is truly important, is knowing that you can trust in your adidas sunglasses because every single moment counts, and even the smallest detail can have a big impact. adidas women's eyewear has been developed with superior technologies, frame materials and lenses to deliver highly durable and flexible solutions for optimal performance. Shop for your womens adidas sunglasses online at SportRx for some of the best eye protection while doing the things you love. READ MORE

Adidas Womens Prescription Sunglasses

Need some adidas women's prescription sunglasses? At SportRx, we are athletes ourselves, and our team of skilled and knowledgeable opticians are always just a phone call away. We relish the opportunity to answer your prescription questions, and we'll help you get started on crafting a brand new pair of prescription adidas women's sunglasses. With endless lens combinations and customized options, we'll create a pair of adidas women's sunglasses that are perfect for you!

SportRx Shipping & Return Policy

Are you feeling less than 150% satisfied with your adidas women's sunglasses order? Feel free to give your pair back to us. As long as you send your prescription sunglasses back to us within 45 days of receipt, we'll happily refund your money or give you a credit towards a brand new pair of women's adidas sunglasses, or another pair of eyewear online at SportRx. Shipping fees are also on us! With our See Better Guarantee, you're taken care of.

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