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Pre-Built Custom Lens Packages

There are some lens configurations we've been making for years. As professional sports opticians (and many of us athletes ourselves) these are custom combinations of lens features that we know work.

When you order our signature pre-built lenses, you are getting something that a sports optician hand-picked and that is geared toward a specific sport or light condition(s).  We either use these custom pre-built lenses ourselves, or we recommend them to a lot of our customers, so these lenses are tried and true. 

Bottom line, when you order our signature pre-built lenses, you are getting something a sports optician created specifically to be awesome. We love these lenses, and we are sure you will too.

If you have any questions as to which lenses might be right for you, check out our blog or feel free to call us up and speak to an optician!


Lens Color




Great For

Lighting Conditions



Amber to Medium Brown




Low to Medium


All In One

Light Rose Copper



Low to Bright



Dark Grey


Multiple Sports



Day & Night

Virtually Clear to Dark Grey



Cycling, Baseball & Motorcycling



Deep See Blue

Dark Grey





Fresh-Water Green




Medium to Bright


Over it

Amber to Medium Brown



Cycling, Shooting & Multiple Sports

Low to Medium


Start To Finish

Rose Copper



Cycling, Running & Shooting




Light to Dark Rose Copper


Cycling, Running & Multiple Sports

Low to Bright


Win / Win

Dark Rose Copper


Great for Multiple Sports & Cycling

Medium to Bright


ACE - Prescription Transitions Golf Lens


When it comes to tracking the ball and reading the green, contrast is the name of the game. That's why we made the A.C.E lens, or Adaptable Contrast Enhancement lens, specifically tailored for golf. From front 9 to back 9, the A.C.E lens gives you continual contrast on the course, and is designed for the golfer who isn't a fan of playing with dark sunglasses. It starts off as an amber color, perfect for those early-morning tee times. As the day progresses and the sun gets brighter, the lens darkens to a medium-to-dark brown color, giving you the brightness protection you need – yet at the same time, the amber undertones stay in place for amplified contrast enhancement. Plus, it comes equipped with an ultra-premium, anti-reflective coating that not only cuts glare, but also repels dirt and debris from those sand traps and water hazards.

All In One - Transitions Prescription Golf Lens


What’s better than a hole in one? Not much. How about a pair of sunglasses that does everything in one? Now that’s a win. The All in One is our other golf-specific lens. Similar to the ACE lens, it becomes darker or lighter depending on your light conditions. The difference is the All in One lens is a rose copper color, and it transitions dark enough to become a full-on sunglass. The rose copper hue sharpens contrast to help you to read the break and grain of the green, and also gives you some pop to help you track the ball in the air, or worse –in the rough. It also has a red flash mirror coating that starts out as an iridescent finish, and then gets darker and more protective as the sun shines brighter – cool both aesthetically and functionally. Plus, it’s armed with a back-side anti-reflective coating for ultra-protection against glare. The All in One lens. Who said you can’t have it all?

Blackout - Prescription Polarized Sports Lenses


You got sun? We got protection! This polarized, dark grey lens with solid black mirror and premium back-side antireflective coating offers the most protective setup possible. The polarization cuts glare, the mirror puts the brakes on direct sunlight, and the back-side coating stops reflections from all directions. Do not fear the sun. The Black Out from SportRx will protect.

Day & Night - Light Reactive, Prescription Transitions Lenses


The Day & Night lens works in any and all light conditions from perfect weather to perfect storms. This light-reactive lens starts off virtually clear at night or indoors. As the sun comes up and the conditions turn brighter, the lens tints to a full, dark grey sunglass. The ultra-premium antireflective coating repels dirt, oil, water, and of course, glare.

Deep See Blue - Prescription Polarized Fishing Sunglass Lenses


Deep See Blue is a fishing-specific lens tailored for deep bodies of water. It’s dark grey and polarized (of course!) for those long, sunny days on the water. It also comes with a solid blue mirror, which not only looks cool up against an ocean backdrop, but also helps deflect sunlight for optimal brightness protection. On top of that, you get a back-side anti-reflective coating, which protects you from UV rays that hit the back-side of your lenses and bounce into your eyes. A really special feature about this lens is it has a hint of amber mixed in with the grey, giving you a little bump in contrast to help you see better when you’re tying a lure or looking into shadows. The Deep See Blue is definitely a catch in our book.

Fresh Water Green - Polarized Prescription Fishing Lenses


Go green. Go Fresh-Water Green. This lens is uniquely designed for fresh-water fishing conditions. Not only does it protect your eyes from long days of UV exposure, it also helps you see in and out of shadowy trees and reeds. It’s a brown, polarized lens which heightens contrast vision while also cutting glare at the same time. Plus, it has a green mirror coating, providing brightness protection without taking away from its contrasting effect. Last but not least, you get a back-side anti-reflective coating to block reflections from all directions.

Over It - Prescription Transitions Cycling Lenses


If overcast conditions are getting you down, we can help you get Over It! It was specifically invented to simultaneously increase contrast and give great protection in low-to-medium light settings. The lens starts off with an amber tint that knocks out ugly blue haze and gives a bump in contrast. Then, it self-adjusts and turns into a medium brown tint that still gives you contrast, but also becomes more protective as light conditions change. It's topped off with our ultra-premium antireflective coating that repels dirt, oil, water, and of course, glare.

Start To Finish - Prescription Running and Cycling Sunglass Lenses


Unless you're dead last and cross the finish line after dark, this lens will work. In fact it's meant to work in just about any light condition except night. This rose copper lens has a blend of contrast and protection that makes it useful from low to bright light conditions. The flash silver mirror helps stop a bit more brightness and the back-side antireflective coating reduces back-side glare. If you're looking for one lens that can go from dusk till dawn, you found it.

Sunset - Prescription Low Light Sunglass Lenses


A lens that not only looks like a beautiful San Diego sunset, but one you can wear from sunrise to sunset. The Sunset lens has a rose copper based tint that is perfect for contrast with the ability to adapt to a wide range of lighting. These transition lenses maintain a lighter lens for lower lighting environments and transforms to a darker tint the brighter it gets. The Sunset lens also has a flash red reflective mirror coating on the front, and as it gets darker, the mirror becomes more and more distinguished, offering a really cool aesthetic look.  

Win Win - Polarized Prescription Sunglasses


It would be easier to describe what this lens doesn't do. In a perfect world, one lens would increase contrast and give full protection. SportRx likes perfect so we made this lens. It's a dark polarized rose copper lens with a solid silver mirror and premium back-side coating. The polarization knocks out glare. The rose copper hue increases contrast. The solid silver mirror reduces direct brightness and increases swagger. The back-side coating stops reflections from all directions. Protection: Win. Contrast: Win.