Oakley Proven MX Goggle

Oakley Proven MX Goggle - Matte Black - Clear - Three-Four ViewOakley Proven MX Goggle - Tagline Red / Black Sand - Dark Grey - Three-Four ViewOakley Proven MX Goggle - Jet Black - Dark Grey - Three-Four ViewOakley Proven MX Goggle - Jet Black - Dark Grey - Three-Four ViewOakley Proven MX Goggle - Heritage Racer Orange / Blue - Clear - Three-Four ViewOakley Proven MX Goggle - BioHaz Red / Yellow - Fire Iridium - Three-Four ViewOakley Proven MX Goggle - Factory Fade Red / Yellow - Fire Iridium - Three-Four ViewOakley Proven MX Goggle - Podium Check RB - Clear - Three-Four ViewOakley Proven MX Goggle - Distress Tagline Red Black - Black Iridium - Three-Four View
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When you order these awesome Authentic lenses in prescription, only the Rx lenses will show up at your door. The non-Rx lenses would have then gone to Non-Rx Lens Heaven, and will therefore not be present.

Our expert team has pre-built several superior lens combinations below for your convenience and enjoyment. These lens combinations have been handpicked by our opticians for optimal performance.

Please note that Non-Prescription Sunglasses cannot be customized. All frame and lens color combinations come stock from their manufacturer.

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  • Anti-Fog
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    single vision Single Vision lens inserts correct one type of vision! Add anti-fog for the ultimate package!
    single vision (digital) Digital Single Vision lens inserts are crafted using digital surfacing, which provides the most accurate and crisp vision possible. Add anti-fog for the ultimate package!
    progressive (digital) Digital Progressive lens inserts provide a smooth, line-free transition between reading, intermediate, and distance vision. Add antif-fog for the ultimate package!
    lined bifocal Lined Bifocal lens inserts provide two types of vision separated by a defined line. Distance vision is positioned above the line, and reading vision is positioned below the line. We set our line particularly low on our snow goggle inserts so it does not interfere with your vision on the slopes. Add anti-fog coating for the ultimate package!

    antifog coating Our best defense against fog. Helps minimize fogging.

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What is a pupil distance?

A Pupil Distance (PD) is the distance between the centers of your eyes. Your PD is important in the lens-making process because it tells us where to center your prescription in the frame you chose.

I don’t have my PD. How do I get it?

There are three different ways to get your PD:

1) Request your PD from the last place that made a pair of glasses for you

Your pupil distance is measured whenever you purchase prescription glasses, so the easiest way to retrieve it would be to contact your doctor or the last facility that made a pair of prescription glasses for you.

2) Measure your PD on your own (or with the help of a friend)

We’ve created a video to show you how:

3) Let us measure your PD for you

· Snap a photo of the front of your face holding a credit card (or credit card-sized) object up against your forehead for reference.

· Face the camera as head-on as possible and open your eyes nice and wide. Send this photo by email to [email protected] in the original size.

· Be sure to include your name and order number – and we’ll take it from there!

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Proven MX Goggle


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Product Details
Oakley Proven MX goggles feature the perfect combination of flexible and comfortable. These Oakley frames are made of O Matter material which can handle the toughest of impacts. With an F2 anti-fog, scratch and impact-resistant lens and triple layer face foam fleece to keep away any sweat, your vision will be clear as ever in these Oakley Proven MX Goggles.If you need prescription MX goggles, the SportRx opticians have you covered with a customized set of prescription goggle inserts.

Product Details

Includes: Soft Case
Fits: M,L
Frame Width
Bridge Frame Width Temple
Lens Width
Lens Height
Lens Width Lens Height

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