Oakley Prescription Glasses

Oakley, the world leader in sports sunglasses, also has an amazing line of everyday eyeglasses. Oakley prescription glasses come in all shapes and sizes, from metal sophisticated frames, to funky plastic frames, to sporty frames like the Crosslink Collection. So when it comes to Oakley Rx, there is something for everyone!

Oakley Rx Options:

Oakley prescription glasses can be fit with single vision lenses (of course!) as well as bifocal lenses and progressives. You can also get your Oakley prescription glasses with photochromatic lenses to adapt to a range of light conditions.  Bottom line, your Oakley prescription glasses can be customized with any kind of option you can think of and in a range of prescription strengths!

Oakley prescription eyeglasses come in a variety of sizes for heads and faces big and small! And whether you’re looking for something conservative or something really funky, the vast collection of Oakley eyeglasses is sure to have something for you!

Our Fave Oakley Glasses

There are some Oakley eyeglasses that we’re really diggin’ so we listed our top picks on this product page. We’ll rattle off a few here just to give you an idea:

The Oakley Crosslink Collection has been a crowd favorite since it hit the scene, and it’s no surprise why. These hybrid sports frames are chic enough for the workplace yet tough enough for the playing field. The Crosslink is sort of like the Clark Kent of eyeglasses – true sports glasses in disguise that go from the office to full-speed performance in a flash. It has impact-resistant lenses and anti-slip features to keep up with your busy, active lifestyle. Plus, each pair of Oakley Crosslinks comes complete with not one but TWO sets of temples: one fun color and one neutral color.

Another really popular Oakley eyeglasses frame is the Carbon Plate. The Oakley Carbon Plate has actual carbon fiber embedded in the frame (oh snap!). The Oakley Gasser is also a great eyeglasses frame that has a really unique, beefy look. (Yes, we said beefy.) And finally, we arrive at the Oakley Milestone. The Oakley Milestone is one of the newest styles of Oakley eyeglasses out right now. The Milestone has a heavy duty look to it but it’s unbelievably light so it’s almost like wearing nothing!

Oakley Women’s Prescription Glasses

Although many Oakley eyeglasses frames can be worn by both women and men, Oakley has also rolled out with some fantastic women-specific eyeglasses. The women’s line has some really well-fitting women’s glasses and a lot of them have room for progressives, which is pretty awesome in our humble opinion.

From a dedicated women’s design team comes a creative line of women’s eyeglasses with fun, sophisticated color combos. Many of the Oakley women’s glasses have duotone features. For example, you get a brown frame but the inside of the frame also has a fun pink color; it’s just serves as an accent detail to where it doesn’t overtake the whole look but it spices it up just enough.

The Oakley Validate is a new favorite among Oakley women’s eyeglasses. It has the look of a plastic frame but it’s actually made of a very, lightweight metal. So it’s a super unique design with some very comfortable temple grips and nose pads. And these nose pads aren’t just your run-of-the-mill nose pads. These sweet little gems are carefully configured in such a way so that they don’t get caught in your hair if you happen to be one of those on-top-of-the-head-glasses-wearers. Some other pretty amazing Oakley women’s eyeglasses are the Oakley Blameless and the Oakley Promotion. But don't take our word for it – see for yourself! 

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