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Product Details
Oakley's EVZero Path is part of the Oakley Green Fade limited edition collection, which adds new style to all of your classic frames. Operators at Oakley have been working hard to get these limited edition sunglasses ready for release before the 2016 Summer Olympics, so take advantage while you can. These hand-painted frames feature a classic green hue, reminiscent of one of Oakley's first collections of goggles, that fades from the front to the back along the temple. Made with dual iridium lenses, these shades feature a Prizm Field Lens (the best lens for baseball or other outdoor sports) surrounded by Chrome Iridium to add a little extra light. Oakley likes to push the boundaries with these lightweight tributes to the past, bringing you all of the latest technology in sunglasses. It's hard not to get excited about the limited edition Oakley EVZero Path sunglasses.

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Includes: Hard Case , Soft Case
Fits: L,XL
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