Use Your Health Savings Account (Flex) for Prescription Sunglasses



Hey. This is Rob at Sport RX, and today we're going to talk about flex dollars.  

If you don't know what flex dollars are, you probably don't have a flex account, but I'm going to make a quick explanation for you. Flex money is pre-tax dollars that your employer will put aside for you into an account that you can spend on medical expenses. They're also known a flexible savings account, FSA Account, or Health Savings Account, or HSAs.

So basically, it's pretty cool. You get to put pre-tax money away into an account that you can use on medical expenses. However, if at the end of the year, you have money left in the account, you lose it.

So don't lose it!

All thinga prescription eyewear counts towards flex money, so give us a call! Some people don't know this, but you can get prescription sunglasses, prescription eyeglasses, prescription ski goggles or prescription safety glasses, and even reading sunglasses. You can use any of this towards flex money. We do take flex cards directly, so if you have a debit card linked to your flex account, you can give us a call or use it online. No problem.

If you need to split the payment on two different cards, we can do that also. Just give us a call and we can handle that over the phone. Basically, if you've got money left in your flex account, don't let it go to waste. Get some cool new glasses at Bye.

Use Flex Dollars to get your prescription glasses today!