Accident Protection

Accident Protection

Accident Protection is additional coverage that you have the option of purchasing at the time of your new glasses or goggles purchase. We’ve partnered with Extend Protection Plans to offer Accident Protection on our full range of SportRx products.

When you purchase an Accident Protection plan for your eyewear, rest easy that your eyewear is covered for just about anything. If you need to file a claim for your covered glasses, you’ll contact Extend directly through their virtual claims system. In less than 24 hours, you’ll be sent a return label for your damaged glasses. You’ll also be sent an electronic gift card in the amount of the full purchase price of your original eyewear. You can use this gift card immediately on for a replacement!

Accident Protection plans cover your glasses or goggles from life’s everyday happenings, and then some. Whether they’re crushed in your luggage or take a tumble down the mountain – you’re covered! As long as your glasses or goggles can be returned – in one piece or in many pieces – you’ll be covered by an Accident Protection plan. Coverage extends to everything except loss, so unfortunately those glasses at the bottom of the lake won’t be covered.

Accident Protection coverage begins the day your new eyewear ships, and lasts either one or two years from that date, depending on which plan you choose.

Great question! The scratch warranty that we offer with our anti-reflective coatings and scratch coatings covers the lenses only for a one-time replacement due to normal wear and tear. Scratches due to obvious neglect or abuse are not covered under the lenses’ scratch warranty. An Accident Protection plan not only covers the lenses, but also the frame, for many more reasons outside of normal wear and tear.

Once you’ve added your glasses or goggles to your cart, you’ll see an option to add an Accident Protection plan for each item that is eligible for coverage. From there, you can select either one year or two years of coverage.

Our See Better Guarantee gives you 45 days to return your eyewear for any reason. If you return your order for a refund, your Extend Protection plan will be refunded as well.

Go directly to Kaley, Extend’s Virtual Claim Assistant to start your claim. You’ll need the email address associated with your order or your Extend Contract ID to begin the claims process. Most claims are approved within 24 hours. Immediately after approval, you’ll receive an email with a return label for your damaged eyewear, and a SportRx gift card for your replacement eyewear.

You can, but you don’t have to! We’re happy to make a replacement pair of the exact same glasses or goggles you purchased originally, but if you’ve changed your mind, or if the item you purchased originally is no longer in stock, that’s okay! Feel free to use your gift card for whatever you’d like on If you want to keep the coverage going, you can also choose to cover your replacement purchase with a new Accident Protection plan, too!